Over the weekend, Jeremiah & I saw Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton. I bought the tickets for Jeremiah back in October as an anniversary present since I knew we wouldn’t have time to celebrate our actual anniversary next month. Plus, he really wanted to see it 2 years ago, but they were sold out when we tried. Better late than never!

We stayed right in the heart of Union Square at The Westin St. Francis for just a night since we were already in the area for a project I had to do. We also didn’t want to drive all the way back home since the musical was going to end late.

Monet: The Late Years

A few days ago my sister & I checked out the Monet exhibit at the De Young Museum in SF.

They exhibit is only here until end of May & it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in Monet’s work!

Monet was diagnosed with cataracts in 1912. He was left with only 10% of his vision in his left eye & was legally blind in his right. During this time, he began painting indoors on large canvases as opposed to his most notable work on smaller canvases that he would carry to his water lily pond.