Going up on a Monday

I know I shouldn’t be drinking on a Monday, but I really wanted it. I’ve been craving sliders again for a while now so I got it for dinner along with lettuce wraps. I’m starting to work out again so I should probably start eating clean. It’s just tough because I like eating whatever I want. I really do need to take care of myself & my health. Plus, I really want to look good for July & I feel like I’m running out of time so I really need to work hard at getting where I want to be.

Everyone is back from Coachella Weekend one (including my sister) from all the photos I saw today on my feed. I watched Drake’s performance on a live video last night & it was alright. It took me a while too to realize that he brought out Madonna.

Happy Birthday little one x Willow Glen Creamery

My cutie nephew turned 3 today! I just spent time with my immediate family yesterday to celebrate his birthday. I can’t believe he’s already 3! Time is flying by so fast. I recently had to request off a graduation date for another one of my nephews. Every time these little ones get older, I’m reminded that I’m getting older too =____= Why can’t all of my nieces & nephews stay small forever? haha.

It was such a nice day out that I went to get a macaron ice cream sandwich, but they were all sold out when I got there ); So I went to Willow Glen Creamery instead. It’s not a macaron ice cream sandwich, but it was still good. Next time, I’ll remember not to overload mine with toppings because I couldn’t even finish it all. & if you ever happen to go there, tip in their cute little “Employee College Fund” ice cream jar. Every time I see that tip jar, I giggle because it’s so cute & relevant. haha.

ShareTea x Japanese Tea Garden

Now that lent is over, I can finally have milk tea again! I’m super happy ^_^ If you ever go to ShareTea, I suggest trying the Okinawa. I’ve only had ShareTea twice & that’s all I’ve gotten so far. They have a popular drinks menu if you want to try something else. After getting milk tea, I went to the Japanese Tea Garden in SF. It was quite busy, but it’s probably because it was such a nice day out. It was actually warm in SF today. Overall, the Japanese Tea Garden is nice, but it would probably look a lot nicer when the flowers are bloomed. I’ll definitely have to go back again sometime. Oh, & there’s some photos of my furball dog Joey!


Joey said, “no more selfies please”