Niece Lauren’s 1st Birthday Party

I don’t have any photos of the birthday girl to respect the privacy of certain family members, but it was a nice 1st birthday for my niece Lauren. I can’t believe she’s 1 already. Every time my nieces & nephews get older, it’s always hard for me to believe.
I thought it was going to rain today, but thankfully the weather cleared up. Albeit, it was a bit windy, but we all toughed it out. It’s always nice to see all the kids play together regardless the age difference. Life is so much easier as a kid. You get to eat, play, have fun, & it was easier making friends. I definitely miss those days.

It’s pretty much an unwritten rule in my family that if you bring over a significant other, prepare to get roasted. AHAHHAHA. Felt so bad for my nephew Harrison. My aunties, uncles, & cousins were definitely making him a target at one point. It was embarrassing for him, but funny. No hard feelings ever though. It’s definitely all love ^_^

I do have photos of family members, but I’d like to respect their privacy by not posting their photos to the public. I post most personal photos on my facebook. I’ll post my most personal photos on here only if I get an “okay” by the parties included. Sorry!

When the photographer is unavailable, I have to resort to my tripod & my closet as my backdrop. I guess it sort of works? I don’t actually like this photo as much as I want to because I feel like it makes me look fat. I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW. I’M NOT -___-

LK Tea & Grill x It Follows

Ate at LK Tea & Grill before the drive-in & finally tried the Santa Fe, but I didn’t like it :/ I think it just tasted overwhelming. After eating, I watched It Follows at the drive-in. I really thought it was scary, but I think the music is what made it scary. When I covered my ears & watched I was fine, but if I listened to all the sounds I was just getting creeped out. I couldn’t sleep right away when I got home. I always have to give myself time to think or focus on something else so that I don’t get nightmares.

Santa Fe burger

Beach gem x adventure up the highway with my niece for her spring break

Took me niece to my favorite beach gem. It was such a nice day, but it started getting real windy around sunset & the tide started getting real high. It seemed a little too dangerous to stay there any longer. Next time we go there, we’ll know where to set up camp. We bought a little tent & I’m so glad we did. I didn’t know tents could be so expensive. I’ve never been camping before, but buying the tent is a great investment because now I can take naps at the beach without the hot sun beating down on me. I’ve always meant to buy one, but never got around to it I guess. There weren’t many people there like the last time we went so it felt like we had the beach all to ourselves. We left the beach a little early because of the extremely high tide & went up the highway to venture to what we all thought was an abandoned house. Seeing it up close, I really don’t think it was an abandoned house. It must’ve been some kind of abandoned building or something, but definitely not a house. It’s all boarded up now anyway with a bunch of graffiti on it. Can’t wait to go back here again when the weather is much nicer & when we’re better prepared.