SoCal Day 1: MILK x Tebo Tebo x Pokinometry

Macaron ice cream sandwich. It was alright. I’ve had better.

Idk why this place got bad reviews because it wasn’t even that bad. I’m starting to think that the reviews down here are just from people that are too uptight. It’s not like it tasted like ass or something. I’ve had far much worse milk tea/tea than this.

Pokinometry was good. It’s really just like the Poki Bowl back at home. Nothing too amazing.

Zero x Downtown Disney x Popbar

Photos I forgot to post from my trip down South!
I’ll be leaving soon to go back in about 5 hours. I’m honestly really dreading the drive. If I had just gotten a decent amount of sleep over the past couple of days, I wouldn’t be feeling so exhausted. Really needed this mini getaway. I’m not sure if I’m exhausted because I’m lacking sleep or I’m generally exhausted being here. 5 more hours & I’m gone. I’ve been feeling so unhappy lately. It’s nice to get away from everything here even if it’s just for a short while.

Slaters 50/50

First time trying this place. I was originally planning on going to Eggslut in LA, but this place was also a spot I wanted to try & it was closer to my hotel so I set my mind on this. I went here today around 11AM. Definitely never too early for beer right? haha. It was an interesting burger. I think something about it threw me off though. I think it was the bacon patty or something. Good start to the day though.
After Slaters 50/50 I went to Downtown Disney since it was on the way home. I wanted to get a Disney 60 item, but I didn’t see anything that interesting or cool enough for me to buy.
I was going to buy something for my two godsons, but I already got them something from Disneyland I think? I’d rather get something for them when I go to Hawaii ^_^ After Downtown Disney I went to Anaheim Packing District.
I’ll also upload Downtown Disney+Anaheim Packing District photos whenever I get around to the Laguna ones.


After a relaxing day at the beach, I went back to my hotel to wash off & then watched Tomorrowland at this luxury theater in Riverside. I went to this luxury theater for the first & only time last time I was here. I watched X-Men: DOFP here back in December. I could’ve just watched Tomorrowland at a regular theater because I really didn’t care for the film very much, but I’m rarely ever here so why the hell not.
One of my local malls is building a luxury theater, but it’s not going to be done until 2 years or so might as well enjoy this one while I’m here. Plus, idk when’s the next time I’ll be back in Southern California. I originally didn’t plan to go down South at all this year because I’m saving up for other trips out of state, but I needed time away from home.
The film had a great start, but I didn’t like the last half of it. It had a messy ending, the love story thing had more depth & screen time when it didn’t need to have it, the whole “planting idea in brains” thing is a little played out, & it kind of just seemed like this movie was made to teach everyone a lesson about us killing the earth. I kind of expected it to be an adventure/family film like National Treasure, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Zathura, etc. But this film was too serious more than it was “fun”.

They have servers who bring food out to you. They take your order while you sit in your seat & then bring the food out after a while. The chairs recline, has a small table, has a small lamp, & there’s a button on the seat that you can push to call for a server. Cool concept, but expensive. That’s why they call it luxury.

Every time I’m here, this place is a must.

Every time I’m in this area, I have to go to this place because of their awesome macaron ice cream sandwiches. There’s this place I go to near my home that has macaron ice cream sandwiches, but it isn’t as good as this. I went to the Irvine location since it was closer to my hotel. Kind of took forever to find this place because it’s wedged in the center of the little plaza.

Room Service

The room service was awesome. I ate this while I worked on the blog on Monday morning. I don’t think I’ve ever had room service before. Not that I can remember at least. I miss having breakfast in bed so this was nice to start my morning. It felt nice to stay in bed a while & relax. Every time I’m there for a trip I always wake up early with an itinerary trying to complete everything on the list at the right time. So it felt nice to wake up & relax to a nice breakfast & wing it the rest of the day.

Lemonade x Pho

Lemonade for lunch yesterday! I got the Blood Orange lemonade. Pretty good along with their mac & cheese. I wasn’t too hungry so I didn’t eat much.
I had pho in the Little Saigon area for dinner last night only because I was trying to go to Snow Monster next door, but the line was too long. I’ve been kind of under the weather anyway so it was definitely nice to eat something hot.