new things

I’ve been meaning to do this for about 3 months now, but never got around to it or I got lazy. I took down old photos & I’m going to be putting up new ones once I order the set of photos I want. The photos that I plan on having up are going to be a few of my favorites from my favorites (: Mm, just wait & see when I’m done!

Until Next Time!

Arrived back home around 930PM. I’m honestly really bummed out that I’m back home. I feel like the past few days went by too quick & I also feel like I didn’t really get to relax when I was there for certain reasons.

Being back home just makes me a little depressed. Once I saw the signs that I was back home, a sudden wave of sadness hit me.

I can’t wait for my Hawaii trip. It’s literally agonizing thinking about how far the date is.

Alamere Falls

Woke up early to hike to Alamere Falls. Certain plans fell through, but we all had a good time regardless. The view of this lake was amazing. Ahhhh the view of it made me want to cry! You know me, I just love a good view. I’m so glad we went early because by the time we started heading back, it kind of started to get hot. The entire hike wasn’t strenuous at all. The only difficulty was going down to the beach, but you don’t even have to since there is a waterfall above. We all chilled on the beach a bit while we ate our sandwiches & then slowly headed back up. I think the only part that I really hated was driving to the hiking location because of all the curves on the mountain. I get motion sickness & I get dizzy quick so that ride up there made me kind of nauseous, but I quickly got over it once I got out of the car. I’ll probably do another hike next month at a different location. We’ll see! ^_^

The lake was soooo much more beautiful in person. If the Pacific Northwest is anything like this, I probably might never want to leave.


Had a bonfire at Davenport for Charmaine’s Birthday. Last time I went here was in 2010 & it was way more secluded, clean, & nicer. Idk what happened ); I did feel safer though that there were plenty more people on the beach because the last time I went with my brother & cousin, we were the only ones there doing a bonfire so it felt kind of scary. Even though I was all bundled up, it was pretty cold & I’m already really sick so we didn’t plan on staying too long. Haven’t done a bonfire in a real long time. I think the last time was in 2011? Maybe I should do one with my cousins this summer. I think it would be pretty fun ^_^

I want the sea to swallow me whole

You’re killing me Smalls! This is s’mores stuff alright?! Now pay attention!

does anyone else see the face?

ShareTea x Japanese Tea Garden

Now that lent is over, I can finally have milk tea again! I’m super happy ^_^ If you ever go to ShareTea, I suggest trying the Okinawa. I’ve only had ShareTea twice & that’s all I’ve gotten so far. They have a popular drinks menu if you want to try something else. After getting milk tea, I went to the Japanese Tea Garden in SF. It was quite busy, but it’s probably because it was such a nice day out. It was actually warm in SF today. Overall, the Japanese Tea Garden is nice, but it would probably look a lot nicer when the flowers are bloomed. I’ll definitely have to go back again sometime. Oh, & there’s some photos of my furball dog Joey!


Joey said, “no more selfies please”