Why didn’t I learn to treat everything like it was the last time? My greatest regret was how much I believed in the future.

–Jonathan Safran Foer

Visited BJ & Nikki at the hospital. We still haven’t been able to see him since he’s still in the ICU, but I like being there to pray & be there for Nikki. He got transferred to the same hospital that my dad was transferred to. Thankfully it isn’t the same building. Idk if I would ever be emotionally & mentally stable to ever handle that place again. His condition so far has been stable. It’s something different every day. I’m still praying for him & I pray for Nikki’s strength too.

Uvas Canyon County Park

Went exploring in the morning. I’ve worked 8 days straight so I really wanted to utilize my weekend off. This place was a bit disappointing. It’s really just because of the drought in California. If it weren’t for the drought, I’m sure this place would’ve been a lot nicer. I have to explore a place far out for some nice water scenery. This place is local & I didn’t want to go somewhere far that would take up my energy because I’m going to be busy for the next two days. Even though it wasn’t what I expected, it was just nice to be able to go out & do something instead of running errands or laying in bed (which is all I’ve been doing the past 8 days after I got off work). I hope your weekend has been great! Enjoy the photos!

Somewhere out there on the edge of belief in fairies, nymphs, wizards & magic makers imagination is nurtured by sublime beauty & the unexpected…

I went to SF for a quick minute after work to check out Niketown, but they didn’t have the item I was looking for. On my way back to the car I crossed through the heart of Union Square to this showcase of art. I’m so glad I stumbled upon it because it made my day for some reason. I like seeing different kinds of art even if it’s not from some famous artist throughout centuries. I also whipped out my fisheye lens that came in the mail yesterday. I already had a fisheye/wide angle lens for my phone that I actually bought a year ago for less than $10, but my best friend had one & it seemed like better quality so I bought the same brand that she has. I do think it’s better quality or it could just be all in my head? It’s more expensive so it’s gotta be better quality. Anyway, I probably should’ve used my wide angle for these photos. Oh well!

Somewhere out there on the edge of belief in fairies, nymphs, wizards & magic makers imagination is nurtured by sublime beauty & the unexpected…

this one was probably my favorite piece that I saw there


My brother went to a friend’s wedding over the weekend & took his Nikon. He’s starting to get into photography so when he sent me these edits of his I was blown away at how good they really are. Not bad for someone that’s starting to get into it.
Everything I ever put out, I end up hating. The longer I look at a photo I took, the shittier it gets. It’s probably because I’m my harshest critic. Haha.
I’m extremely terrible at portrait photos. If you’ve been following me long enough you can tell that I rarely post portrait photos (unless they’re photos of myself lol).
When I go out to explore, I’m more into landscape. It’s a different kind of feel. Idk if I can explain that feeling of going out to explore & take photos versus taking photos of people for photoshoots. I’ll probably end up doing both someday when I’m more comfortable with myself & what I’m doing.