I’ve taken quite some time away from posting on social media to focus on my family. It has been a tough journey, but with the Fall season setting in, hopefully time will slow down a bit. Please be patient with me as I try to get back into my regular posting groove. I have a backlog of posts for this blog, so I’m hoping I can push those out soon.

This summer, I really spent most of my time with family, watching movies, trying to catch up on TV shows (not caught up yet!), & going to the gym more consistently. I want to get myself back to a routine again, but I’m still trying to figure that out.

I hope you all have been doing great so far. Thank you to my close family & friends for all the love, support, & prayers that have been sent our way 💖

The Sweet Things You Do

Jeremiah & I’s 8th anniversary had passed last month. I got a few comments like “wow 8 years already?!?!” I know, I cannot believe it either. Maybe it’s because we’ve been together so long that we don’t really think of the amount of time we’ve actually been together? 8 years really is a long time. I pretty much grew with the man I want to be with forever during my 20s. We’ve been through so much together & I can’t wait for what the rest of our lives has in store for us.


We actually celebrated our anniversary early by watching Hamilton that I posted about previously here since we weren’t going to have time to actually spend our actual anniversary together.

I got Hamilton tickets for him this year & he got me a new lens to match up with the Leica (body) that he got me for Christmas 😭 I was actually going to buy a lens on ebay, but when he realized that I started watching stuff & ready to bid, he ended up getting it before I could.

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! How did your week go? I spent last weekend running errands because these next few weeks are going to be so busy for me. This weekend is finally going to be the start of the extremely hectic/busy part of my schedule 😭 But I know all the hard work I put in will be worth it in the end!


& now, my Friday Favorites of the week! Also, let me know in the comments what you really enjoyed this week 🤗