Presidio Picnic

The other weekend, Jeremiah, my brother, my brother’s girlfriend, & I went to the Presidio Picnic in, well, the Presidio in SF!

Jeremiah & I had never been, but my brother told us about it & already had a prior experience of the event.

They have several food vendors & food trucks all lined up in one area. There is some seating & plenty of grass to set up your own tent, chairs, mats, or picnic blankets. There are also a few activities, two bars, & a few smaller food vendors around the area.

Jeremiah & I really wanted to go for Hotbird. My brother mentioned it prior to our visit. It’s almost like Howlin’ Rays in Southern California & it was good, but we still thought Howlin’ Rays was better.

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April 2019: NorCal Eats

Here’s my food post of April! I post foodie related stuff under my IG hashtag #KCxEats or here on the blog under Food + Drink.

My sister also posts a ton of food related posts, tips, & reviews on her IG which you can see here. She’s much more active in that category than I am & even got featured on Bay Area KQED! Feel free to give her a follow 🤗


Wednesday, April 13, 2019 | VN Grill

I probably eat here about 5x a month 😂

November ’18 – March ’19: NorCal Eats

I plan to do more of these food posts a month! I’ve been slacking on these kinds of posts, but I’m hoping that will change in a few months. I want to cook some meals at home & post that here too.

Jeremiah & I are trying to eat healthier & we definitely want to get back to cooking at home, but we haven’t found the time to dedicate creating meal preps for the week. I’m hoping that will change in a few months because I really want both of us to diet better! We’re trying to go to the gym more consistently, but the dieting is the toughest part.


Saturday, March 23,2019 | San Pedro Square

Jeremiah had some cousins in town, so a few of us went out to San Pedro Square for the evening. It’s always a good time hanging out with his family 🤗

Friday, March 22, 2019 | VN Grill

I mostly get VN Grill throughout the week because I like all the vegetables in it along with the meat.

November ’18 – March ’19: Random Daily Flicks

I haven’t done these kinds of posts in so long! I haven’t been blogging as much or really dedicating the effort here. There are certain posts I want to start doing in the future, but that cannot happen right now! In a couple of months, I hope that will all change 😉


Friday, March 15, 2019 | Arya Stark

Jeremiah & I are trying to slow down on our Funko collection, but it’s so tough! They’re always coming out with new ones. We got this limited edition Arya Stark Funko. We already have an Arya Stark one & it was when she was younger, so we wanted to get the current one.

Hurt Wrist

Jeremiah & I finally went snowboarding today! 🏂 We have passes to the ski resort that we bought ahead of time to use for the two trips we had planned this year. Unfortunately, both fell through, so we really wanted to use our passes as soon as possible before the season ends.

After snowboarding, we had dinner at Sushi Q & the food was good. They didn’t have imitation crab though, so Jeremiah couldn’t really eat anything 😔 We just shared a plate of short ribs & he got a fish roll.