The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker

I was worried that Jeremiah & I wouldn’t be able to do this tradition. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times that this is my favorite holiday tradition. We normally go to the one in San Jose, but they didn’t have as many time slots as they did last year, so we went to the one in SF.
I’m not sure if we plan to always go here from now on, but I did think it looked so much more fancy than the venue in San Jose.

Union Square during the Holidays x The Fairmont Gingerbread House x Winter Walk

Union Square during the Holidays

Every year, Jeremiah & I go to Union Square during the holidays to take a photo with the big tree. For the past 2 years, we always say we’re going to try ice skating there, but every time we went the tickets were sold out for the day. Fortunately, this was finally our year!

Union Square Christmas Tree

The first thing we did, of course, was take a photo with the tree πŸŽ„

Global Winter Wonderland

Global Winter Wonderland

Over Jeremiah’s birthday weekend, we went to Global Winter Wonderland with his family. They used to be in the South Bay, but they moved up north a couple of years ago. I’ve always wanted to check it out because I think the lit up displays look so pretty.
We went on a Saturday night, but it wasn’t too crowded.

Candytopia Round 2


Jeremiah & I went back to Candytopia again! I actually wanted to experience my second time at Candytopia with my friends like how I experienced Museum of Ice Cream with Jeremiah’s friends, but they unfortunately never got back to me in time. We still had fun nonetheless!
This experience was far better than our first one. Also, knowing what to expect definitely helped make it better.
Upon entering, a Candytopia employee was hyping everyone up who was in line & instructed that we all download their Candytopia app that gives each visitor a unique barcode to scan at each photo op. The first time, we were never informed by an employee about the app & only found out about it because Jeremiah saw a sign.
Also, during this experience, an employee takes a photo with each party in front of the Candytopia sign upon entering. Jeremiah didn’t get this chance before because an employee wasn’t stationed there during our first time around.

The Rise Festival

Half of the group flew in on one night & the other half flew in the next morning. I woke up really early because I couldn’t go back to sleep. My morning actually started off pretty productive. I went through emails & caught up with my feeds.

Wicked Spoon

The first thing we all did was have lunch at Wicked Spoon, which is an all-you-eat buffet inside of The Cosmopolitan.