We said we weren’t going to get each other anything, but somehow it never happens. Lol. I was going to surprise him with the Kyrie 1’s, but I came home from work on Wednesday & he had apparently beat me to a surprise first. He even had Edible Arrangements sent to my work, but I was already off by the time they got there so they sent them over to my place instead. I love Edible Arrangements because I LOVE fruit. He also told me he bought me the Anastasia Cream Contour Kit, but they didn’t deliver it in time. That’s okay though because I’m not in a rush for it. He didn’t even have to get me anything really. I really didn’t even want anything, but of course I appreciate all of his surprises.
He said we’re going to trade in the tank top for a wind-runner because he didn’t realize that I didn’t need any more tank top for our hikes. I need a light jacket or something.
Kyrie 1’s

Best Friend’s Grad/Nurse Pinning Ceremony!

I worked from 7AM-around 1030AM, went home to shower/get ready & put together the Future Nurse Survival Kit, & if plans didn’t get a little messed up I would’ve been able to sneak a little nap in there somewhere ); My friends & I met up & carpooled to our other friend’s grad/pinning ceremony. I’m so proud of her! She’s come so far & I’m glad that I’m able to witness her grow throughout high school & college.
We all went to eat dinner at Mexicali Grill with her family & spontaneously decided to watch Pitch Perfect 2 with just the girls. I fell asleep a little bit during the middle of the movie because I was so dead tired. I came home around 2AM. Idk how people can stay out all night. Clearly I’m not cut out for it. haha. I’m definitely living the grandma life.
got a lot of compliments on my shoes, but they aren’t shown here. haha. I can’t believe I wore high heels for that long period of time. They weren’t that bad though!


Mother’s Day 2015 x Lake Elizabeth

I woke up early (with only 3 hours of sleep) so that I could get ready, buy flowers, & buy a card for Mother’s Day.
I bought my mom a Nordstrom gift card for Mother’s Day only because she’s been asking for one for about 2 years already. Every birthday, Mother’s Day, or Christmas for the past 2 years has just been a Nordstrom gift card because she wants to buy something there. & she wants to accumulate gift cards only towards her purchase. I don’t even remember what exactly it is that she wants there.
I also bought her tulips because it’s her favorite flower (hence why it is also mine too). I also bought her a card & wrote a little message in it. I’m trying to write more in the cards that I give to people because I feel like it means so much more when you do.
Every year my family usually has something going on for Mother’s Day, but there weren’t any plans this year. So I spent most of my day with LOJ/church at Lake Elizabeth. I very rarely get to spend time with anyone outside of church because I work too much or I have something going on with my family so today was definitely nice to hangout with everyone. We were there for a couple of hours & we left around mid-noon so that I could go home & greet my mom.

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day! This day is for all the mothers who also took the role of the fathers, the father who also took role of the mothers, for aunties or sisters who we see as a second mom, & any guardian whom we also see as a mother. Shouts to all of you!

Now that I’ve updated this blog & sorted through photos, I’m going to watch Game of Thrones! Finally a new episode to watch since I already watched the first 4 episodes that leaked a couple weeks ago ^_^ Also going to watch Mad Men & OUAT!

#49ersDraftParty x Avengers 2: Age of Ultron

I went early so we didn’t have to deal with crazy lines & I wanted to see who was signing autographs. I arrived around 330PM & I was told that the doors open at 3PM, but they actually opened at 4PM so we had to wait a bit. It was excruciating because it was soooo hot. Once we finally got in, we checked everything out. I thought that the Draft Bash thing was going to be inside of the pavilion, but that was only for VIP so the entire draft bash was held in the amphitheater. It was a good idea since there were so many people, but it lacked the shade so we all stood in the back instead of in the sun. I didn’t want to experience a Rock The Bells thing again. haha. I honestly didn’t think this thing was going to be that huge. I thought it was a small thing for a few people.
I really wish I had more tickets for the rest of my family+friends. If I had it my way, I would invite everyone ): We wanted to invite our friends too, but my siblings & cousins always hook me up with concert tickets, movie tickets, or sports games so I felt that it was only right to do the same thing in return. I only started out with 6 tickets so luckily we even scored an extra 4. One thing’s for sure, I probably would’t want to plan an event like this again. lol. It was just too hectic trying to get the carpool situation figured out, everyone’s schedules, if people are able to go or not, etc. Overall, I still had a great time with everyone.

Everyone else arrived around 530PM or so. I’m honestly glad we went early because my sisters said it took them 45 minutes to get in. My brother & his girlfriend were in the beer line for over an hour. I like beer, but I don’t want a beer THAT bad. lol. The rest of my cousins arrived just in time for our draft pick.
My sisters & brother in law left after our draft pick. The rest of us stayed a little to get in our time so we rode what rides were open. The line for bumper cars was ridiculous. Tbh, it wasn’t even that long, but it took forever for people to get seated. Maybe it was because there was only one worker handling the ride. This little kid in front of us started talking crap to me & Sarah. He said he’s going to bump us & then this little turd said, “Bye Felicia!” Bruh, you’re like 8 years old. BYE.

Randy & Sharina went with us to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron. We went to Starbucks & the worker there hooked all of us up. It was my cousin’s birthday 2 days ago & he’s just getting hook ups all over the place. Must be nice! haha. Overall, I liked the movie. I think it’s actually better than the first Avengers. Don’t get me wrong. I really liked the first one, but I thought the second one was better. I liked the action & I felt like everyone got equal amount of screen time instead of it being taken over my Tony Stark. Even minor characters had small cameos which was nice.


The only negative opinion I have about it is the love interest between the Hulk & Black Widow. That was just odd to me, but maybe they did that because they have a plan for future movies. & I also thought Scarlet Witch’s powers was too much. I felt like hers was better than everyone else’s that you don’t even need the other super heroes. Hers alone can dominate.

Good day spent with my family ^_^

Niece Lauren’s 1st Birthday Party

I don’t have any photos of the birthday girl to respect the privacy of certain family members, but it was a nice 1st birthday for my niece Lauren. I can’t believe she’s 1 already. Every time my nieces & nephews get older, it’s always hard for me to believe.
I thought it was going to rain today, but thankfully the weather cleared up. Albeit, it was a bit windy, but we all toughed it out. It’s always nice to see all the kids play together regardless the age difference. Life is so much easier as a kid. You get to eat, play, have fun, & it was easier making friends. I definitely miss those days.

It’s pretty much an unwritten rule in my family that if you bring over a significant other, prepare to get roasted. AHAHHAHA. Felt so bad for my nephew Harrison. My aunties, uncles, & cousins were definitely making him a target at one point. It was embarrassing for him, but funny. No hard feelings ever though. It’s definitely all love ^_^

I do have photos of family members, but I’d like to respect their privacy by not posting their photos to the public. I post most personal photos on my facebook. I’ll post my most personal photos on here only if I get an “okay” by the parties included. Sorry!

When the photographer is unavailable, I have to resort to my tripod & my closet as my backdrop. I guess it sort of works? I don’t actually like this photo as much as I want to because I feel like it makes me look fat. I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW. I’M NOT -___-

Date Days: baseball, burgers, & beer with B = a few favorite things allin one

We didn’t really plan on going to many games or any games at all this year because we should be saving money, but he really wanted to see the players get their rings. Plus, he really wanted the replica too. haha. I also ended up seeing one of my cousins too, but didn’t get to converse since we were both in different lines.

It’s nice to be back at AT&T Park. Idk why, but I really love the vibe of everything whenever I’m there. Not sure if it’s the vibe of baseball in general or if it’s the Giants vibe. I just know I don’t feel the same vibe when I’m watching the Warriors or the Niners.
It was such a nice day out. It’s been so nice in SF lately so of course we all should take advantage of the sunny weather. It did start getting cold after sunset. I haven’t been to a game in a while so I need to remember to bring another jacket with me next time I go to a night game.

They had people sky dive to present the first like 4 rings or so. I’ve never been to the previous ring ceremonies so it was cool seeing this for the first time.

They serve milk tea now!

ShareTea x Japanese Tea Garden

Now that lent is over, I can finally have milk tea again! I’m super happy ^_^ If you ever go to ShareTea, I suggest trying the Okinawa. I’ve only had ShareTea twice & that’s all I’ve gotten so far. They have a popular drinks menu if you want to try something else. After getting milk tea, I went to the Japanese Tea Garden in SF. It was quite busy, but it’s probably because it was such a nice day out. It was actually warm in SF today. Overall, the Japanese Tea Garden is nice, but it would probably look a lot nicer when the flowers are bloomed. I’ll definitely have to go back again sometime. Oh, & there’s some photos of my furball dog Joey!


Joey said, “no more selfies please”