Happy Father’s Day

It’s only my second Father’s Day without my dad since he passed away last year in March so it’s still kind of tough for me to celebrate or let alone acknowledge this day. If I don’t want to go out, don’t want to work, or if I’m not active on social media please don’t take it personal. It’s nothing against anyone or anyone who has a dad to psychically celebrate with. I’m not bitter towards anything or anyone. I’m just sad so allow me to be just that. Just respect that I just need this time to be alone or be with my family.

Happy Father’s Day Dad & to all the great Dad’s out there!

I highly appreciate the people that check up on me every now & then. It’s important to keep these ones the closest(:

Warriors Parade

Luckily I was scheduled to be off today to begin with! Super blessed that I was able to experience this at least ONCE & a Giants Parade as well. Tip your hats to the Bay because they’re killing it! My dad was a Warriors fan & enjoyed the sport itself so I’m sure that if he were alive, he would’ve gone to the parade too. Although he isn’t here for me to be able to experience this win with him, I’m grateful for the opportunity. I’m sure he was there with me or even watching from above. I’m thankful that he kept me & my friends safe from any harm especially after hearing about 3 people getting shot right after we left the parade ); For a moment during the parade, I realized what made this experience so much more gratifying & it was because I got to experience it with some of the people I care about & am most grateful for the most; my best friends. Hopefully we’ll be able to share more of these moments & experiences with each other.

I’m also glad I learned a few things from going to a Giants parade because I definitely felt prepared for this one ^_^

Photos below! I couldn’t get many good shots because the players were mostly cheering on the other side );

I came prepared!

Guy scaling street pole for photos

Klay look over here!


LMAO at the signs

Bogut was pretty much the only one that looked on our side );




Iggy, but he’s looking on the other side );



Alameda County Fair 2015

Haven’t had a Date Day in a really long time so this was something nice to do in the middle of the week since most of my weekends have been packed lately. It’s the opening day of the Alameda County Fair & I’m so glad I went the first day. I went last year the weekend before it was over & it was super crowded! It was sort of crowded today too, but not as bad as when I went last year. The food is awesome. I pretty much got the same things as last year. I got the kebob, corn on the cob, horchata, & the deep fried nutella. I didn’t get to try the hot dog because I was full. & again, I won myself a prize! Last year I think I won a minion. I got myself a lion this time ^_^ I really wanted the pug, but I lost when I tried the game so he won it instead. I might go back next week with my friends. I hope so because I miss the food & I really want to hangout with everyone again.Β 
Some of the photos I took remind me of that scene from the Sandlot (:
traffic is boo boo

horchata & kebob

reminds me of Disneyland

“Say you’ll go out with me.” –Noah Calhoun from the Notebook hahah

this game will rob you! But we got the pug!!

bed babes

first bonfire of the summer

Had a bonfire with friends last night at Davenport. There were a ton of other groups there. If not, more than the last time. I think that if the weather was better, it would’ve been nicer. No one went in the water because it was gloomy. I also wanted to go up the hills & explore, but the weather wouldn’t make for nice photos so I didn’t bother. There really wasn’t a sunset anyway. Overall, it was a chill time. It’s nice to finally get together with everyone when everyone is actually available. I just wish I wasn’t so tired. I desperately wanted a nap or a decent amount of sleep ):
rage cage on the beach! I don’t play games that I know I would end up drinking a lot in because I know I’m going to lose hahah
had s’mores & shared laughs with my friends

one group brought legit fireworks. It was pretty dope for everyone that were there


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. –Henry David Thoreau

It’s a bit frightening how much time flies. My nephew graduated today, my niece went to her Junior Prom today, & then I have another nephew who is going to be graduating in 3 years.
I swear it was just yesterday my nephew/the high school graduate was a toddler playing games with me & my brother. Now he’s 18, graduated, & off to new things. I couldn’t be any more proud of how much he’s grown & accomplished. & I’m so glad that I was able to witness his growth throughout the years.

Weren’t we just kids a while ago messing around & making each other cry during family parties? We were all pretty terrible to each other, but those are probably the moments that I felt were the most precious. We were all young & didn’t have much to worry about. All we cared about was having fun together.
When I was younger, I always looked forward to our family parties because I had the chance to hangout with my cousins & play. Now it’s harder for everyone to get together because of other obligations or other responsibilities so when we actually do get together, it sometimes feels like it goes by too quick. Value & appreciate the time you spend with the people you care about the most because you could look away for 2 seconds, look back & then realize that 5 years has passed instead. So make the most of moments & count your blessings!

Footnote about the Instagram cut-out board:
I originally wanted to make it before my Best Friend’s Grad, but I didn’t have enough time ); I think that if I was a better free-hand artist, making it would’ve been easy, but it REALLY wasn’t. You could actually buy a much better version of the instagram cut-out on Etsy for $30+, but I decided to make one instead which only cost me $10 for the supplies & you know, my blood, sweat, & tears. LOL. I made the picture, username, & caption interchangeable so that I could use it for other events. I actually have to make the cut-out better. The cardboard was a little too thin to hold up even though it already has 2 layers. So I have to make time to glue another piece of cardboard behind it to make it more stable. I would probably be a fun Pinterest mom when I get older. Except, people probably wouldn’t re-pin my ideas because my crafting skills aren’t that great. haha.

my favorite

I loved my cousin’s whole floor plan & decor ideas. I started putting ideas together in my head of what I would want to do in the future! Everything was so organized which made the process of setting up a whole lot easier ^_^


Alexander’s Steakhouse

Ate at Alexander’s Steakhouse on Wednesday night for our anniversary. I love steak & I love it when it’s made well. It was good, but I don’t like it better than Ruth Chris’s Steakhouse or Morten’s. We’ll probably try House of Prime Rib one of these days. I got real sleepy off of that wine.
I probably won’t be able to update this blog as much as I want after today. The next couple of days are going to be full of events so you know what that means right? A hell of a whole lot of pictures, a hell of a whole lot of editing, & little time to do everything/update.

Today will consist of work, laundry, picking out ‘fits for this weekend, waiting for my lens to come in the mail, homework, packing for my quick trip to SoCal, cleaning my shower, getting my nephew’s grad gift & finishing his surprise, & then watch Tomorrowland tonight at the theaters.

Tomorrow/Saturday I will be attending my nephew’s graduation that starts at 9AM, but I have to be there probably an hour early to look for parking. So that means I have to wake up even earlier to get ready. & then he’s having his graduation party after as well.

Sunday I’ll be having a family get-together at my Uncle’s for Memorial weekend. & that following night I’ll be leaving for SoCal.

Monday-Tuesday I’ll be in SoCal enjoying myself because I need time away from home.

The next couple of days my body will definitely be running on coffee. Wish me luck! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend ^_^