Paint x Glitter x Pumpkins

On Monday I spent a little time doing arts & crafts with my nephew. Last year, my mom put out a small pumpkin for my dad, so I wanted to something special this year with my nephew. I have a couple of arts & crafts material that I never use, so I thought it would be fun to get a little creative. My nephew was in the living room & I called him over to my room & said, “Let’s paint a pumpkin for grandpa.” & he says, “Paint a pumpkin for grandpa? Okay!”

I had these unused monster masks that we colored together.

After we colored the mask, we painted the little pumpkins I bought from Safeway. It was my first time ever painting or decorating a pumpkin, so I made a ton of mistakes. I definitely learned from them. I think there’s a particular kind of paint I’m supposed to use on a pumpkin, but I just used whatever I had (I don’t remember what kind of paint I used). The paint was too thin, so I did 3 coats on each pumpkin.

I was in the middle of painting a second coat on both pumpkins until he said, “I want to paint.”, so I let him finish his pumpkin off.

I spent extra time working on my niece’s pumpkin. I used mod podge & gold glitter for the creases.

I put stickers on the pumpkins & they kept drying/falling off. My original thought was to just paint them, but next time I’ll do my research on what kind of material I should be using. Have you ever painted or decorated a pumpkin? What materials did you use? Please leave suggestions below! (:

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DIY Brown Paper Gift Wrap for Books

I went through my shelf of books that I’ve accumulated over the years & decided that it’s time to make room for some new ones. I still have a couple of boxes in the storage that I need to go through. My original intent is to donate my books at my local city library & I’m 100% sure they don’t take their books wrapped, but I went a little overboard with my creative side & did a DIY gift wrap for books.
This is an inexpensive, fun, & creative way to wrap a book as a present for someone or a way to get creative with a pen pal. I don’t have a pen pal (I wish!), but this is most likely what my packages would look like (:
I always forget to take photos whenever I’m doing some DIY ideas! I’ll try to remember next time.
Here’s a simple, step-by-step tutorial+the material I used.
Step 1: I took unused paper bags & cut it down to the size I needed to wrap the entire book.

Step 2: I used scotch tape, scissors, & twine to wrap a bow around the book.

Step 3: Spruce it up!
There are plenty of other ways to spruce up your gift to your liking or personality. I’ve seen other ideas like this where people drew on the paper, but I personally am not good at drawing free hand. I’ve seen other ideas where people attach branches, stickers, stamps, glitter, etc.
If you know me, then you know that I like to take a bunch of photos & will sometimes even get photos developed from my digital or film cameras. Since I take so many photos, I don’t always have room to hang stuff up & I’m slacking with my photo albums. Sprucing it up my way allows me to take another step in the creative process by attaching a photo I have. Of course the photos will never be the personal ones (family, friends, & myself)! I’d attach some kind of photography photo that I took (landscape, nature, forest, urban exploration, street photography, beach, etc.)
I did something similar this past Christmas (2015), except I attached personal family photos to the gift bags.

I haven’t done enough research where you can donate books to, but I’m sure you can search online for anything that’s local to you.
I can donate to my public local city library, Goodwill, & Savers thrift stores. I can also trade my books in at my local recycled book stores.

I’m on the hunt for a couple of books on my list, but I’m still out of luck. This is my GoodReads account with the list of books I’m on the hunt for (:

I tried my best with the mini step-by-step tutorial, but if you have any questions, let me know!

DIY Gold Glittered Gift Card Holder

I made DIY gift card holders for my two co-workers ^_^ I have a ton of unused jars & I wanted to do something with them, so I came up with a gift card holder. They can even use it for whatever they want afterwards. I really wanted to make it special, so I put their names on each one.
I unfortunately didn’t get to take photos for a step-by-step tutorial!
1st Step: Set down old newspaper to work on. (it gets messy!)
2nd Step: Use unused mason jar & remove lid. With a paintbrush, dip into mod podge & paint 3 layers all around the outer jar. Set time in between the first two layers to let it dry.
3rd Step: After the third layer of mod podge, sprinkle all around jar with glitter, & let it dry.
4th Step: Apply stickers, use acrylic spray to set, & let it dry.
5th Step: Tie twine around the rim.
6th Step: Insert gift wrapping tissue, place gift card inside, & screw the lid back on.
& you’re finished!
I’m not an expert at arts & crafts, this is just a step-by-step of what I did to achieve the look of mine, so if you know an easier way of doing this, let me know!

We had Rona’s going away dinner last week with a few of the old & current M2 team! ♥

where the tree tops glisten & children listen to hear sleigh bells in the snow

I spent half of the week finishing up my Christmas shopping & wrapping presents! I’m 100% done! (dances)
I’m just glad I got everything done & out of the way before this weekend. I want to spend the next couple of days relaxing & spending time with family & friends instead of stressing over Christmas presents. Next year I hope I can finish my Christmas shopping earlier than this year. I want to make it a goal to finish earlier than the previous. We’ll see how that goes though!

So many things will be going on over the next couple of days, but I’ll try to update or post when I can.

Tomorrow night I’ll be watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Jer & I copped tickets 2 months ago. He spent 4-5 hours trying to cop tickets by refreshing theater websites. haha. My brother & his girlfriend will be joining us as well.

Jer & I are going to spend the rest of the evening relaxing, drinking hot chocolate, & watching Return of the Jedi. We want to watch it before tomorrow ^_^

Also, my new camera came in tonight! Just in time before the next couple of events. I originally wanted it before I left for SoCal, but I’m glad it arrived at all before Christmas. I’ll play around with it tonight for a little while.
I need to get some rest tonight because I have a long day tomorrow & I have to wake up early.

Goodnight! (:

I wanted to go with a whole “gold, white, & silver” theme this year, but I didn’t have enough wrapping paper so it’s a little mixed :p

I was originally going to wrap the presents & decorate each gift with a bow & ribbon, but I decided to add personal photos to each gift ^_^ I hope everyone likes it! I wanted to be a little more creative. I added some embarrassing photos for certain people in my family :p

Operation Christmas Child | National Collection Week November 16-23

Operation Christmas Child boxes! We all turned our boxes in today. If you’re participating remember the National Collection is this week November 16-23!

Fill a shoebox-sized gift for a child in need! Fill your shoebox with toys, school supplies, non-liquid hygiene items, & a personal note. If you want to participate or if you already are, but need suggestions or help on what to fill your box with then please feel free to ask me questions about the items I chose or you can go on Samaritan’s Purse official website that will suggest what you can fill your box with.
If you want to participate in Operation Christmas Child, click this link for info!

Operation Christmas Child | National Collection Week November 16-23

Fill a shoebox-sized gift for a child in need! Fill your shoebox with toys, school supplies, non-liquid hygiene items, & a personal note. If you want to participate or if you already are, but need suggestions or help on what to fill your box with then please feel free to ask me questions about the items I chose or you can go on Samaritan’s Purse official website that will suggest what you can fill your box with.
If you want to participate in Operation Christmas Child, click this link for info!
During the holidays it’s always nice to get together with family, friends, eat, & receive gifts. All of that sounds great, but there are others out there who, unfortunately, can’t share the same experience. So if you have a friend who is away from family for the holidays or doesn’t have any family, please do your best to welcome them into your home. Also, if you can, please participate in Operation Christmas Child & make a child in need feel special. If you are not able participate in Operation Christmas Child, you can volunteer at your local food bank by researching the public assistance programs in your city or participate in your school’s food drive (:

The Operation Christmas Child’s official boxes have assembly instructions that make it easy for you! If you don’t have the official box you can use an average-sized cardboard or plastic shoebox. You can also wrap & cover the box however you’d like.

Future Nurse Survival Kit

My friends & I decided to make a “Future Nurse Survival Kit” for one of our friends who graduated yesterday. We all contributed to the little kit. This is my part & I didn’t get a chance to take a final photo of it because we were all in a rush, but it’s a cute little idea that I found on Pinterest for a graduation gift for nurses (; I wrapped the final product of the little kit in cellophane or clear/transparent wrapping paper.