Day 6: Mac 24/7 x Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice x Ono Cheesesteak x Coffee Bean

After Diamond Head (previous post) we went back to the hotel to wash off. After the hotel we went downstairs to eat breakfast at the restaurant Mac 24/7.

After breakfast we went to the ABC Store to get a floatie. They didn’t have any cute animal ones so I just bought a pink tube. They even blow it up for you for $0.83! After ABC we headed to Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice. FINALLY. We got that & I ended up seeing the “Jesus slippers” so I bought it because I’ve been wanting one for a long time & it was only $5! It’s really comfortable too.

I got lychee, strawberry, & guava with condensed milk.

After Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice, we bought small souvenirs. I bought a magnet for the refrigerator & he bought a shirt. After Matsumoto’s we went back to the hotel to chill a bit. We didn’t have time to eat eat Tae’s like we wrote on our itinerary. Plus, we already felt kind of full too. Then we headed to the Honolulu Museum of Art (previous post).

After Lanikai Beach (previous post), we went to the hotel & then walked to Ono Cheesesteak (not pictured) because my cousin suggested that we try it. Walked to over to Coffee Bean & went back to the hotel, & chilled the rest of the evening.

Day 5: Boot’s & Kimo’s

After the Lanikai Pillbox hike (previous post) we went to eat at Boot’s & Kimo’s since we missed out on it the other day. We got breakfast & their famous Macadamia Pancakes with the macadamia sauce. The hype was right about this one! So far, that place has been my favorite in terms of eating.

I won’t be able to update a post for Day 6, Day 7, & Day 8 (last day) until I get back home because I have so many photos to edit from Day 6! I went crazy & took so many photos at the Honolulu Museum of Art. Throughout this vacation, the ATV was my favorite. My second favorite was going to the Honolulu Museum of Art so I can’t wait to share that post with you all once I’m done editing the photos ^_^

So today is my last day here! I’m really sad to go because it’s so beautiful here, but I do miss my bed, roaming around San Francisco, & of course my boba spots! lol. I do want to come back to Hawaii again, but most likely not Oahu. If I come back, it will be either Kauai or Maui. I’ll be flying back in a couple of hours so I’m going to finish packing & getting souvenirs…right after this shower!  ♥

Day 4: Leonard’s Bakery x Cinnamon’s

On Friday we had Leonard’s for breakfast & we got their guava filled+chocolate filled donuts. I didn’t really like the guava. I think it’s just me in general. I don’t like my donuts with filling inside so you can see my dilemma here.

For lunch we ate at Cinnamon’s. I got their crab cake benedict & we shared the guava pancakes. Both are popular dishes off the menu. The crab cake benedict lives up to the hype. & this is coming from a girl who doesn’t really like crab cakes. We didn’t like the guava pancakes ); Idk what it is, but maybe I just like guava by itself or as juice.

We were supposed to have Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice & Zippy’s for dinner, but Matsumoto’s closed early & we forgot to write that in our itinerary! We didn’t eat Zippy’s for dinner either because he was feeling sick so we just spent the rest of the night in );

I’ll try to update with another post soon!

Day 3: Foodland Supermarket

Hawaii Time: 5:55AM
CA Time: 8:55AM

After Maunawili Falls (previous post) we were going to eat at Boot’s & Kimo’s Homestyle Kitchen right after showering, but once we got there, they said they were closing up! We didn’t know they closed at 2PM. We forgot to write that in our itinerary. Luckily Foodland Supermarket was down the block so we walked there to eat Poke. This place was on the list that Elaine sent us of food to try while we’re here.

Today (Day 4), we have quite a full day on our itinerary. I’ll try to update tonight!

Day 2: Duke’s Waikiki x Bubbie’s Ice Cream

We were supposed to go to the Halona Blowhole, but we kind of got messed up during dinner so we skipped it & decided to take a nap instead. HAHAHA.
After our 3 hour nap we had dessert at Bubbie’s Ice Cream. The line gets long, but it moves pretty quickly. I know the cake looks insane, but it’s only a slice. JUST GET IT. JUST DO IT. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.
Mai Tai’s

I KNOW the cake looks intimidating, but JUST GET IT. YOU WON’T REGRET IT.

guava, green tea, & strawberry dipped chocolate mochi ice cream

I’ll try to update tonight from photos of today (Day 3)!

Day 2: Rainbow Drive-In

Hawaii Time: 8:45AM
CA Time: 11:45AM
Walked to Rainbow Drive-In from our hotel since it was near us. It was real good, but I heard the Loco Moco, mixed plate, & the Slush are the popular things to get off the menu. We wanted to try them, but it looked too insane to have for breakfast. We might come back sometime again during our trip to try it.
We’re going to go snorkeling in Hanauma Bay in about an hour! I’ve never been snorkeling before so I’m excited to try it. I just hope it isn’t as crazy as The Boy made it sound when he went snorkeling in San Diego.
Check back for updates+photos! (:

The Breakfast Special