film archive

I probably should’ve had the photo shop scan these & put on a disc, but I scanned them from my printer at home. It’s a Canon MG3222. I’m not sure if printers/scanners make a difference, but here’s what I have. The photos obviously don’t look as great when they’re scanned, but if you see the quality in person it’s better.
These scans were from the Japanese Friendship Garden that I went to about 2 months ago?







These two are from my sister’s house. I was indoors so the lighting wasn’t that great. You can clearly see it in the second photo.


This one was on a nice day outside when my mom took my nephew out to play. It’s kind of hard trying to capture photos of him because he likes to move around a lot so I’m still trying to get the hang of the shutter speed on the film camera.

I really, really love how these ones turned out. These were more of my test shots. I took the film camera around on one of my days when I was running a few errands & went out for ice cream. I took these around sunset in SR.






Random shots taken from inside of the room. In the first two you can tell I wasn’t working well with lighting. The first one looks a little underexposed & the second was taken around the evening.



This one was of my nephew playing outside. I should’ve taken a photo of him in the natural light instead of standing in the shade. Clearly -__-

I took these photos at 2 days ago because my brother wanted to use the lens & I already had film inside so he wanted me to finish my roll. I took them around the afternoon & some came out underexposed :/










I took these photos a while back. I don’t remember when, but these were taken during the morning while I was having breakfast inside of Stacks.



Camera: Nikon EM

Film Type: Fujifilm Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400

Scanner: Canon MG3222

unconditional love for film photography ^_^

Finally got around to developing my film rolls. I also found an old film roll from 2002-2003? in one of my mom’s old cameras so I had that developed too (left). Those photos on the left kind of got messed up considering they’re really old so the photos/film overlapped. It makes for a cool effect.
I’m extremely freaking happy with my two test rolls that I took with my mom’s old Nikon film camera. The last time I used it & had semi-successful photos was I think a year ago?
I regret having those rolls from a year ago developed at a Walgreens/Rite Aid because they don’t take special care during the developing process & I guess you get what you pay for because they also fucked up one of my B&W rolls.
Although the place I go to get mine developed is a little more expensive than Walgreens/Rite Aid, I really really love the quality of the outcome. You can definitely see the quality of a developed photo between a local photo shop & a Walgreens. If I got my photos developed at rite aid, I probably would’ve paid $30 for 3 rolls+disc, but instead I paid $41 for 3 rolls today at my local photo shop WITHOUT the disc. So it’s a little more expensive, but so much more worth it. I didn’t get either of these rolls on a disc like the last time, but that’s okay because these were test rolls anyway. I’ll probably scan some of the photos some time this week & make a separate post for them on this blog.

I think I’m finally getting the hang of using my mom’s old Nikon film camera which is making me really happy because I was having so much trouble with it last time. Only a few photos I took were underexposed, but that’s okay because I don’t mind the trial & error process.

Camera: Nikon EM

Film Type: Fujifilm Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400