Minolta X-370

This post is long overdue! I never got around to posting the second part of how I spent the last day of being 23. I’ll post that one soon too.

After I explored around Monterey, I went home & my mom excitedly followed me to my room to give me a birthday card & show me this camera she bought. The previous owner was selling it at a garage sale along with a two lenses, original manuals, & an original photo strap all for $50. My mom managed to talk the previous owner down to $15! At the end of her story, she said, “It’s yours, as part of your birthday present.” & I asked, “Why?” She replied, “Because I know you’re collecting cameras.” You know what I would have never imagined happening? My mom supporting the things I’m passionate about. The camera & both lenses are in awesome condition & all for $15! There was only a little bit of oil in one of the lens, so my brother spent time taking it apart, cleaning it, & now it’s perfect.

The next morning, I went exploring & took my new camera with me to test it out.

I developed my film at my favorite local photo shop (Foto Express).

























Camera: Minolta X-370
Film Type: CVS 400

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Fujifilm Disposable Camera

Over the weekend, I was finally able to get my film developed! This roll of film was from a disposable camera that came with a bag from my cousin’s wedding in September.

Does anyone else besides me love disposable cameras? Maybe it’s that whole nostalgic feeling I get when I have one. It makes me feel like I’m in elementary school again & I’m going on a school field trip or there’s some school event going on & my mom bought it for me to take photos with. It’s so easy to take photos now with smartphones & even smartphones having the capability/apps to make your photos look like film or professional. I definitely like changing it up & using film to challenge myself with the limited amount of photos I can take with one roll.
Have you guys also noticed that I put a halt to my “One Film Roll a Month Project“? I haven’t been able to pick up any of my film cameras since August due to financial reasons. I do have posts in my drafts of film I got developed over the summer. I’ll definitely get around to posting it when the time is right. Stay tuned for that!

I love that 90s disposable camera vibe♥

Camera: Fujifilm QuickSnap Disposable Camera

Film Type: n/a

If you have any questions or suggestions on something I should post or talk about, let me know! I really want to engage more with my readers/followers on here or on Instagram. E-mail me if you have any questions or if you’re shy, you can ask me things anonymously on http://momentswithkc.tumblr.com/ask ! Do you have any questions about photography? Blogging? Fashion posts? TV shows? Movies? Hobbies? Interests? Ask me anything if you want to get to know me more or have a suggestion on what I should post about!

the only subjects that I won’t be comfortable answering: job related, personal family/friends information, or education related. I try to keep those extremely private due to stalkers, catfish, etc.

Canon Sure Shot (also known as Autoboy II or AF35MII) x CVS 400 Film

Last week, this new addition arrived just in time before my quick trip out to LA. It is unpleasantly loud (lol in a cute way), but I really wanted to see what’s so different about having an Auto Focus Point & Shoot 35mm film camera.
I researched what the best Point & Shoot 35mm film cameras were & this was one of them. Some other great Point & Shoots are the Nikon L35AF, Olympus MJU II, Olympus Trip 35, Contax T2, & a few others.
to see a full list, click here & here.

I actually got a good deal on this one. I’ve been on the lookout for this online, flea markets, & thrift stores. If it’s in good or decent condition, this will usually go for $30-$40+, but I found a dude that was selling it for $18, so I couldn’t pass it up.
On that note, this morning I found another user selling the Point & Shoot Nikon L35AF for $10 ($6 shipping), but I was hesitant because I just got this one last week. I should’ve taken the opportunity because the Nikon L35AF actually goes for waaaaaay more than $16. On Ebay, it’s about $40+. I could’ve bought it & then sold it for profit. lol. I think my old co-worker has that Nikon one, but I’m not sure if it’s the same model.

But anyway, back to this new addition. I brought it with me on my quick trip out to LA last week. A few decent photos came out of it. Jer actually took the photos. What’s cool about it being a Point & Shoot is that it’s an Auto Focus so it’s really easy & simple to use. Jer struggles with trying to use some of my manual cameras, so I let him use this one to lug around hoping it would be easier for him to work with.
I would’ve gotten more photos out of it, but I messed up the roll. It’s okay because it was a test roll anyway to see if the camera even worked. I accidentally pushed on the “rewind film” button on the top because my thumbs are so accustomed to turning on a camera from the top. To turn this one on, the button is on the front. I didn’t research for its manual so I assumed I had rewound the film. I decided to just get the roll developed to avoid double exposure over the photos that were taken. I stupidly ended up opening the back door & seeing that the film didn’t rewind at all! I think I ended up exposing some of the photos as you can see some of the light leaks (I’m assuming that’s where it’s from). There is a certain way & sound to tell if the film is completely rewound. At least we managed to save a few photos from it. The place where I get my film developed from didn’t charge full price after Jer told him what I did (,: The owner of Foto Express in downtown SJ is seriously so understanding & nice!!!!!!

If you plan on getting a Point & Shoot, have one/don’t know how to use it, or plan on getting into film in general,

  1. research for its original manual online! don’t take the risk of messing up a roll, especially if you took photos of precious moments that you want to keep!
  2. if you want to test to see if a camera works, buy cheap film first. You don’t want to spend the extra money on Portra or Ektar if the camera you bought ends up not being in working condition.
  3. if you want your photos to be developed with love & care, research for your local photo shop or send your stuff in at thedarkroom.com I don’t recommend CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid unless you don’t care about the quality.
If you have any tips/advice/comments or any questions for me, leave a comment below! ^_^









Camera: Canon Sure Shot (Autoboy II / AF 35M II)

Film Type: CVS 400

Minolta SR-T 202 x 50mm f/1.7 x CVS 400 film

Remember the Minolta film camera that my brother gave me? Here’s the first/test roll from the Minolta SR-T 202 for my personal project “One Film Roll A Month Project

I picked up my film photos today & I’m so happy with how they turned out✨

  •  if you’re shooting with film, don’t get your stuff developed at Walgreens/CVS/Rite Aid because the quality is awful, you have to wait over a week (which sucks if you’re impatient like me), they don’t send back the negatives, & they’ll mess up your roll (already had two bad experiences)
  • go to your local photo shop where they actually care about the quality or send your stuff in at thedarkroom.com !
  • if you live in the Bay Area, get yours developed at Foto Express in downtown SJ. They give back the negatives+photo CD for just $2 more than Walgreens. They’re quick & the quality is superb💕
    If you know any other place that develops photos with great quality somewhere in the Bay Area, please let me know!


I really need to work on focusing more or being more assertive with my subjects & telling them to hold still. LOL.
It doesn’t really help that my eyesight is kind of blurry now because I have this bad habit of looking through my phone when the lights are off/dim & I strain my eyes 10x more now when I edit/sort through photos. >.<
If I’m taking photos of you, please be patient with me. I’m sorry! I have to take time trying to manually focus on my subject.

Bella at the bookstore on Haight St.


you’re forgiven. lol. cute card we found in the bookstore on Haight St.


Randy & Sharina looking through books






I was having one of my tough weeks, so Jeremiah surprised me with my favorite flowers when I came home from work. they bloomed beautifully.


custom t-shirt design at the Treasure Island Flea


looking through vinyls at the Treasure Island Flea


we found Frank guys….Sinatra!


Randy looking for treasures to bring home to Sharina

I knew that these photos of us were going to turn out dark because we were against the sun. We’re supposed to be facing the sun, but the view was that way!







Jeremiah, the City, & a little boat.

Camera: Minolta SR-T 202

Film Type: CVS 400

first roll from the Minolta X-700

I got two rolls developed at my local Walgreens. I had to wait a couple of days for them because they get shipped out to another company for developing. I don’t really know how that whole process works, but I got ONE back yesterday. I was supposed to get my other roll from my film camera, but the dude at Walgreens said it’s still in processing. I’m honestly so impatient. I’m highly thinking about just spending the extra $5 to get my photos developed at my local photoshop downtown because he does same day pick-up & the quality of his prints are better. OH, & he gives back the negatives!!!! Walgreens doesn’t give back negatives anymore. They only give you the prints & a CD. If you know any other place in the Bay Area that develops film at a decent price, please let me know!
This is the first roll from the film camera that I bought my brother for Christmas. I thought the portrait ones were clean/decent. Some photos were too underexposed, some are out of focus, & only one had a light leak.

It’s okay though. You learn through trial & error. I still have a hard time with film, but I’m working on it.

Holga 135 x Fujifilm 400

Sometime in October (2015), I borrowed one of my best friend’s film cameras (Holga 135).

I tried doing this personal project called “One Film Roll A Month Project”, but it didn’t work out so well. Lol. I have a couple of film cameras on my shelf that I want to make more use out of so that’s why I created the project for myself, but I’m just so used to using my digital camera or my phone.

It’s a new year so I really want to try & start up the project again.
Besides wanting to make use out of my film cameras, I really want to work better with film. It is such a challenge because I want to make use out of a roll by not messing up any shots.

I got my photos developed at my local Walgreens. I go to this other local photo shop in downtown who does same day pick-up (a bit more expensive than Walgreens/CVS), but I already knew that my roll didn’t have any good shots so I didn’t want to spend the extra bucks on the developing. I was right though!
I only had 5 that came out decent. Surprisingly the ones that turned out decent were the ones I took while I was in a moving car.
The story behind that: I went to the Treasure Island Flea Market with my brother & sister. As we were driving out of Treasure Island I wanted to take a picture of the Bay Bridge so I rolled down my window & my sister yells, “Hurry up! Take the picture! We’re about to pass it!” & I started panicking. I was trying to take the photo & then I yell, “Omg! Wait! I have to rewind it!” LOL! My brother in the back saying, “Oh my Goddddd….”. We were all cracking up in the car.
The struggle of using film cameras man.

The rest of the photos were underexposed ):

Camera: Holga 135

Film Type: Fujifilm Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400

morning coffee x looking over prints x Kurt Cobain documentary on Netflix

Sometime in August (2015) I researched the best 35mm film cameras & among those on the list is the Minolta X-700.
In that same month, I bought a Minolta X-700 on eBay & gave it to my brother as a Christmas present. I was hoarding it in my room for months. I was way too excited to give it to him.
I really wanted to get the Canon AE-1 or the Pentax K1000, but he has a couple of Minolta lenses so it didn’t make sense for me to get him a different brand film camera if he had limited glass for it.
I kept pestering him on Christmas whether he opened my gift yet. haha. He loved it btw ^_^

I took this photo of it once it arrived in the mail. It was surprisingly really clean & well taken care of compared to other sellers photos that I saw on eBay. This one didn’t have any scratches, dings, etc. whatsoever. It also came with a strap.



Saw this article on tumblr & wanted to share! (: No surprise that the Canon AE-1 is #1! The film camera that I use (my mom’s) sadly didn’t make the list & I already know why. If you want to get into film photography, check out the suggestions through the link!

When you’re ready to take the dive into film photography, or perfect the skills you’ve been working on, a solid 35mm SLR with interchangeable lenses is absolutely imperative. An SLR, or Single Lens Reflex, means that a mirror and prism system lets you see exactly what you are shooting. Interchangeable lenses mean just that – you can take the lenses on and off. Most SLRs are sold as “kits,” meaning you get at least one lens with the body; however sometimes you may come across an amazing body on its own which means you’ll have to find a lens yourself.
So what exactly makes a good SLR for beginners? First, it should be fully manual! You’ll never learn shooting automatic, so let that one go. Second, it should be easy to repair and easy to find extra lenses and accessories. Go with a well-known brand versus something obscure (no matter how gorgeous it is!) to make sure you won’t be struggling.
Quite a few major brands manufactured 35mm SLRs, but we’ve put together a list of solid, reliable models that are a perfect fit for any beginner looking to invest in a camera that will last a lifetime. You cannot go wrong with one of these classics: