Coachella Inspired

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The first official day of Coachella is tomorrow! Jeremiah & I have been wanting to go the past 3 years, but it just never happens for us. I really, really wanted to go last year because I loved the lineup, but we were already going to Europe a few months after that, so we knew we had to save our money. I’m still sad about not being able to go (lol), but Europe for 2 1/2 weeks was so worth it ☺️

We wanted to go this year, but it didn’t happen for us again. It’s okay because we have other plans we’re working towards 😉 Maybe we’ll go to Outside Lands this year. Who knows!

Spring Has Sprung!

I was on the lookout for a nice spring dress to wear in May, but ended up with two pairs of nude heels 🙈 At least I’ll pair them with the new dress (that I have yet to find)!

Anyway, nude heels should be a staple in your closet. I think you should always have at least one pair of white & nude heels…& several black heels. Lol. Prior to this purchase, I only had one pair of nude heels that are ankle-strapped stilettos, so I wanted to get a chunkier nude heel. It would definitely be useful for outdoor weddings during the Spring & Summer. I also wanted a thicker heel for more stability & balance, if I intend to walk a bit.

Spring Forward

With Daylight Savings, we lost an hour of sleep! 😭
I spent the day working, but yesterday I actually went out. It was my Dad’s death anniversary yesterday & every year I turn off my phone notifications & kind of just lay low. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to just stay home & be by myself or go out, but I decided to go out last minute to check out this new pop-up museum in SF called 3D Illusions. I’ll post on that later.

White Elephant & Friendsmas Look

I’ve been backed up on photos so I haven’t had time to blog. Too many things were happening this month. I’m hoping January will slow down so that I could spend time doing the things that I’ve had to put a pause on. I will post more once I’m able to get through all the photos from this month. For now, here’s a look from a white elephant & friendsmas party!

Union Square Look

Union Square Look

Here’s the look I wore as we wandered around Union Square. I knew that we would be in the city until the evening, so I really bundled up. It was a good thing I did because I did not feel cold at all!
I really didn’t make an effort to make gift guides or a list of events to check out in the Bay Area this holiday season. I really haven’t had the time to put effort into this blog for the past month, which does make me sad, but I also have other priorities that I need to put first.
I hope your holiday season has been going well so far!