Laguna Beach, CA

I really only wanted to go here to go to the natural pools, but the lifeguard wasn’t letting anyone go through the caves because it was high tide. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that wanted to go. A bunch of other people wanted to also, but the lifeguard kept stopping them. Maybe I’ll try next time if I’m ever down here around the area. I really wanted to check out the natural pools ); They look pretty cool when I see photos of them. I had a great time regardless. It was cloudy, but humid so wading around in the water felt nice.
I originally wasn’t planning on going to SoCal this year, but I needed time away from home before my big trip to Hawaii. Guess this mini trip was a little kick starter. I’ll be going back down here maybeย the end of this month & then again in August. An original plan of not going here this year ends up being 2-3 trips. Hah. I don’t mind the mini getaways from home.

I also watched Insidious 3 last night at the drive-in & it was extremely disappointing. I suggest saving your money on Jurassic Park or something.

Wish I knew how to skateboard. I guess being a beach bum ain’t so bad.

Laguna Preview

I’m not going to upload all my photos from Laguna until I’m finished with them, but here’s a mini preview.
After Snow Monster I headed to Laguna & relaxed on the beach.
I wanted to go to the man-made pools, but it was high tide so I couldn’t go through the caves. I wasn’t the only one that wanted to go, but a bunch of other people wanted to go too. I think that ever since that accident that happened a couple months ago about theย missing teen that got wiped from a wave at that cave the lifeguards stopped letting people try to cross over.
I swear the lifeguard kept coming back EVERY 15-20 minutes to tell kids/teens that they can’t cross over to the other side. I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.
I still wish I was able to see it before they stopped letting people go over there. Apparently there’s another way to get there, but only locals know about it.
There was also a ranger that gave a ticket to two men in front of me for having beer on the beach. One of the two was making a big fuss about it. I’m not sure if I would want to go here that often. It just seems like a lot of trouble occurs here.
Napped on the beach for about an hour which felt nice. This day was just full of relaxation. I really needed it.

More photos from this set will be uploaded as soon as I’m done with them!

Alamere Falls

Woke up early to hike to Alamere Falls. Certain plans fell through, but we all had a good time regardless. The view of this lake was amazing. Ahhhh the view of it made me want to cry! You know me, I just love a good view. I’m so glad we went early because by the time we started heading back, it kind of started to get hot. The entire hike wasn’t strenuous at all. The only difficulty was going down to the beach, but you don’t even have to since there is a waterfall above. We all chilled on the beach a bit while we ate our sandwiches & then slowly headed back up. I think the only part that I really hated was driving to the hiking location because of all the curves on the mountain. I get motion sickness & I get dizzy quick so that ride up there made me kind of nauseous, but I quickly got over it once I got out of the car. I’ll probably do another hike next month at a different location. We’ll see! ^_^

The lake was soooo much more beautiful in person. If the Pacific Northwest is anything like this, I probably might never want to leave.

Beach gem x adventure up the highway with my niece for her spring break

Took me niece to my favorite beach gem. It was such a nice day, but it started getting real windy around sunset & the tide started getting real high. It seemed a little too dangerous to stay there any longer. Next time we go there, we’ll know where to set up camp. We bought a little tent & I’m so glad we did. I didn’t know tents could be so expensive. I’ve never been camping before, but buying the tent is a great investment because now I can take naps at the beach without the hot sun beating down on me. I’ve always meant to buy one, but never got around to it I guess. There weren’t many people there like the last time we went so it felt like we had the beach all to ourselves. We left the beach a little early because of the extremely high tide & went up the highway to venture to what we all thought was an abandoned house. Seeing it up close, I really don’t think it was an abandoned house. It must’ve been some kind of abandoned building or something, but definitely not a house. It’s all boarded up now anyway with a bunch of graffiti on it. Can’t wait to go back here again when the weather is much nicer & when we’re better prepared.