Girls Trip to Oregon

Girls Trip to Oregon

I have been best friends with my girls for over 10 years & can you believe that this is our first trip out of state?! Our schedules never, ever seem to align, but we finally made it happen. It was a quick weekend, but it was memorable nonetheless.

One of our first stops on our trip was Pine State Biscuits, which I’ve listed in an Oregon Eats post here.

After breakfast, we headed straight to Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe

For Labor Day weekend, Jeremiah & I went to South Lake Tahoe to celebrate my birthday (really late) since we just didn’t have time during my actual birthday. We intended to leave early in the morning at 6 AM, but we ended up leaving at 8 AM because we woke up late. We still ran on good time though!


We headed straight to Vikingsholm & Eagle Falls Trail. It was a little unbearable since I hadn’t hiked in such a long time. I really need to get back into it, but I can’t seem to find the time.
The views were absolutely stunning! It’s so beautiful in the Winter & the Summer. I also brought my heavy camera this time because I wanted to make more use out of it. It has been so long since I had to lug around a big camera.

Eagle Falls

The Eagle Falls trail was underwhelming to say the least. I guess it’s just better to go during the Winter!

Ice Cream

After the hike, we got ice cream & then headed to our hotel!

Hotel Becket

Our hotel was so cute & quaint! Definitely good enough for two people 🤗We freshened up & walked over to get Base Camp Pizza.

The wait time was so long that we got it to-go instead, which we didn’t mind because we took it back to the hotel & ate while we watched Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part I. Such a cozy night in ☺️

The Red Hut Cafe

Jeremiah & I slept in the next morning & watched Ghostbusters. Once we finally got up, we had breakfast at Red Hut Cafe. We’ve been there before during the weekend when Jeremiah’s cousin got married.

Secret Cove

After breakfast, we went back to the hotel, blew up the floaties, & headed to Secret Cove. Forewarning, it’s a nude beach! (no, we did not participate).
It was actually a bit too wild for me & I just wanted to chill & read my book, so we walked a little further down to another spot for us to relax.
Trying out my split-level photography skills, or well, lack thereof. So, if anyone wants to teach me, please do! I really want to get it down. I’m also not very skilled in photoshopping underwater color. I don’t know why I can’t find my groove with it. So, if anyone wants to teach me that too, that would be great! 🤗
These almost kind of look like it was taken with a 35mm underwater camera 😍 It wasn’t what I was going for, but I kinda like it.

After relaxing for a bit, we finally headed back.


We had dinner at Ten Crows BBQ. We also started watching this TV show on Amazon Prime called Jake Ryan. It’s pretty good so far!

& that wraps up our quick little weekend in Tahoe! I can’t wait to go back during the Winter ☺️ I really want to plan a snow trip with my family & all the kids. I think it would be so fun. I enjoyed Tahoe in the Winter with Jeremiah’s cousins so much that I want to do it with mine.

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve x Big Sur

Once I came back from Europe, my friends took me on a trip to Big Sur for my birthday. Our original plan was to go to Yosemite & we had an Airbnb all booked, but unfortunately there was a huge forest fire that made its way to Yosemite. One of my best friends has asthma & we knew it wouldn’t be safe, so we had to change plans last minute.

Point Lobos State Natural Reserve

The first stop on our way to Big Sur was Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. I’ve been to this area with Jeremiah before maybe twice? & the last time was a couple of years ago, so it was nice to revisit the area again. However, it was so foggy when we visited.

We did go early in the morning, so maybe it would’ve cleared up had we gone later in the day. Can you see the fog in some of the photos?

We also stopped by to see some tide pools on the way.

China Cove was still so beautiful, clean, & green just like the last time I saw it. There weren’t any seals washed up on the beach this time though!

We also checked out the beach, but we didn’t go down.

Bixby Bridge

The next spot on our way was Bixby Bridge. I fell asleep during the way & hadn’t realized that we were already at our next destination. I was still suffering from overall exhaustion prior to the trip. As I’ve mentioned in previous Europe posts, there was a lot of work I still had to catch up when I got back to the states & restoring over 1,000 photos to my blog was at the top of my list. As such, it was a little hard trying to stay awake during the long car rides.

It is so much more beautiful seeing the pure blue ocean water, but because of the fog, it covered the coast 😭

Nepenthe Restaurant

We were growing hungry at this point & none of us brought snacks, so we stopped by Nepenthe Restaurant on the way. One of my friends suggested it during the trip & I’m so glad we went!

It was so great to get this beautiful view from the restaurant 😍 I definitely want to go back here again.

After lunch, we made out way to a library that my friend had suggested, but it was closed for the day due to a wedding being held there. I’m so curious to to see how it looks inside. This is definitely on my list for my next visit!

We stopped at another view point on the way to McWay Falls.

McWay Falls

We finally made it to McWay Falls! What was so different from this experience vs. my past experiences was that we couldn’t go to the opposite side of the falls. It was completely fenced off! I’m assuming that much still has to be restored, so it’s unsafe for visitors to pass through.

After McWay Falls, we made one last stop at a viewpoint before finally making our way to our hotel.

Mama’s Meatball x Nite Creamery

Once we checked into our hotel & freshened up, we had dinner at Mama’s Meatball in this cute little area of San Luis Obispo.

I was craving Italian food, so we got Italian food 🤗 & it definitely reminded me of the Italian restaurants that I experienced in Europe; they charge for the bread 😂

One of my friends & I also got ice cream with a puffle at Nite Creamery. The line was long, but it moved kind of quickly. It was soooo good!

Lake Del Valle

Lake Del Valle

I’ve been wavering away from this blog for so long that I forgot about this post! Jeremiah & I went to Lake Del Valle for Mother’s Day. We had never been here before prior to our visit, but we did a little bit of research & found that there are some nice hiking trails here.

My cousin also invited us to go camping here last year or maybe two years ago? But we couldn’t go because we had already planned on traveling to Oregon during the weekend that they went.

You can take your boat out or go kayaking here, which some people did, but you can rarely see it in the photos.

There is also a swimming area (not pictured), but we did not go swimming because it was super cold & windy.

Our First Time Together at Point Bonita Lighthouse

Point Bonita Lighthouse

Happy Friday! I am so happy to have a full weekend ahead again. Last weekend, Jeremiah & I finally were able to go to Point Bonita Lighthouse. We have attempted to go here 3 times! Yes, 3 separate times. Every time we visited, it was closed due to the weather or because of holiday, etc. It was ALWAYS closed even though their website & voice machine would say they were open.

It is not a difficult trail whatsoever. There is plenty of walking, but that also depends on where you park. There is very little designated parking, so I would say your best best is come before they open or a little bit before they close because that’s when most people are leaving.

I wanted to take more photos on the bridge, but we were kind of freaked out because of how unstable it felt. It kept moving side to side. It was probably because of the gusty wind.

It was so crowded at the lighthouse & you don’t get a great view of it when you are up close. It was so small & crowded so we didn’t stay long.

There is also a maximum number of people that can see the lighthouse at a time.
We also visited Fort Point again to get our national park stamps for our passports. The stamps are located at the gift shop.

Jeremiah also got stickers for his carry on luggage. They have a great selection at this gift shop. Why don’t more tourist shops have this good of a selection?

We also did not stay long at Fort Point because of the wind. It was getting too cold as the day was ending & I did not wear proper attire. I was also feeling sleepy at this point.

It’s also better to visit Fort Point during its closing hours because you actually have a good chance at scoring parking in the front. We actually got front parking this time!

Test Photos from Our Anniversary Weekend

For our anniversary weekend, we spent it testing out a lens I rented. We have different plans for how we will be celebrating our anniversary, so stay tuned because I will be updating this blog!

We roamed around SF which probably wasn’t a good plan because of how windy it was! It kind of messed up our plans for the day, but we still tried to make the most of it.

Jeremiah isn’t familiar with using my DSLR, so there are several photos that are out of focus. It’s okay because he’s learning 😉 I too had issues with focusing in some photos because I couldn’t see with my false eyelashes on 😂

I also played around with the editing as well, which took so much time, but I am learning & I love it! Maybe I’ll post before & after photos on here & let you know what I changed in the photo? Let me know in the comments if that is something you would be interested in!

You would actually be surprised that the photos look bright & sunny because that was not the case at all! It was actually gloomy & windy! (you can maybe guess how strong the wind was if you look at my hair flying all over the place)

After trying to roam around SF, we grabbed some milk tea & headed back home.

I wanted more time to test out the lens, so we went back to Coyote Regional Wilderness & waited for sunset.
Because of how the weather was looking, we knew that the sunset wasn’t going to show, so we went ahead & roamed around the area before sunset.

It looks bright in the above photos, but you can tell from the photos below that it was actually cloudy.

Overall, I really like the lens. I’ve been watching items on eBay & hopefully I’ll be able to get one at a reasonable price. It’s a great portrait & landscape lens from what I experienced.

Coyote Hills Regional Park

Coyote Hills Regional Park

Last weekend, Jeremiah & I wanted to go exploring because I wanted to try out a lens, but it wasn’t available for rental. Still, we decided to just explore something local.

I didn’t think the trailhead was going to be so far off from the free parking lot because Jeremiah called ahead and was told that it was very close. Needless to say, it wasn’t, but it also wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle. I just didn’t think we had enough time because the sun had already started to set.

Dogs aren’t allowed on the boardwalk areas, but because the park was closing soon, we went ahead & did it anyway. It isn’t something I suggest anyone to do.

It’s quite dreamy here, especially around sunset. If anyone is down to take some photos here, let me know! I’d love the practice 😉
But for now, enjoy these dog portraits 😅

We caught a little bit of the light before it started to get dark. We weren’t able to stay too long because it was getting cold & it was a long walk back to the car.

I definitely want to come back again & explore the place a little bit more. There’s another trail that I want to do, but Jeremiah said it’s 4 miles round trip? I’m not sure. I just know it’s going to be worth it because the views from the trail looked stunning from what I’ve seen!