(Aziz Ansari voice) Treat Yo’ Self!

I went a little crazy yesterday! It was my day off, it was a nice day to be out, & I ended up spending my paycheck 0___0 I couldn’t control myself. haha. I should be saving for Hawaii, but I’m working 8 days straight after today so TREAT YO’ SELF!
  1. Bath & Body Works: TRUE STORY: a couple of years ago, my dad threw away the last of my Juniper Breeze fragrance & I got so upset that I went dumpster diving for it. I still have it in my bathroom to this day. UNUSED. hahah. Okay, I didn’t really go INSIDE of the dumpster. I was standing on a chair, with sticks, & gloves trying to fish out my garbage out of everyone else’s. I know, it’s GROSS. But anyone that knows me knows that if I really want something, nothing will stop me from getting it…even if it’s in the dumpster already. lol.
    • Juniper Breeze lotion & fragranceMy sister & cousin told me about how Bath & Body Works brought back all the top fragrances from the 90s & they’re having a sale for them right now. All of them were $3.50 each! So I HAD to take advantage of that! I stocked up on a couple.
  2. Sephora: I finally hit my 100 points at Sephora so I got a free Clinique product & two samples from YSL & I forgot the other one.
    I went to Sephora because I needed a skin care routine! Every time I put on face makeup, my face breaks out like CRAZY. & I thought it was because I was using drugstore products & a Sephora worker told me that it was probably my skin care routine. & I don’t really have one. I was using Cetaphil face wash & moisturizer, but it wasn’t helping much.
    I know there are other factors why I keep breaking out, but I needed something better. I know these products are expensive (you don’t want to know how much I paid), but I’m pretty sure they’re worth it considering the price.
    The Sephora worker (Ashley) was super freaking helpful so she suggested these products & they’re the top selling ones too.

    My face suffers from dry skin, breakouts, & whiteheads around my nose so I bought these products that will hopefully help fix those problems.

    • Origins Checks & Balances Frothy Face Wash
    • Boscia Luminizing Black Mask
    • Belief The True Cream Aqua Bomb moisturizer
  3. Target: Bathing suits! I went crazy because they’re having a buy one get one 50% off! They’re so cute & will definitely be nice for my Hawaii trip!
    FUN FACT: I have this obsession with buying too many shoes & too many swimsuits.
  4. H&M: basic black dress, basic tank top, black pointed flats, & a necklace. I’m going to return the necklace though. I don’t like it as much as I thought.
  5. I also bought Jer new khaki 511 Levi’s from Macy’s because he needed a new pair & has been talking about needing a new pair for months already. Levi’s are expensive so luckily they were on sale yesterday.