Day 9: Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya x Molly Moon’s x Stumptown coffee x Pike Place Market x Fireworks/Milky Way Fail x Pizza/The Sandlot

Jeremiah & I were supposed to do the Rattlesnake Ridge hike, but because our legs were still so dead from Blanca Lake, we spent the morning sleeping in.
We stayed in, headed to Kizuki Ramen for lunch, walked over to Molly Moon’s for ice cream, & then walked over to Stumptown to have coffee.

After Stumptown, we headed to Pike Place Market to check it out since it was still early in the day.

Once the sun started to set, we headed to some 4th of July event to watch fireworks, but it was super busy & there was line just to get in for food trucks, etc. So Jeremiah & I decided that we didn’t want to do that. We also checked for any spots to capture the milky way, but he did research & said we had to drive 2 1/2 hours away from where we were staying & so we just decided to call it a night & go back to our hotel.
We went back, ordered pizza, & put on The Sandlot because it’s only right to watch it on 4th of July (:

Day 8: Blanca Lake

Jeremiah & I woke up around 8AM & grabbed coffee before heading to Blanca Lake.
Once we arrived, we had to park far away from the trailhead because the designated parking lot has been closed for a couple months because of a wash out that made the road inaccessible. After we parked, we left $5 on the windshield for the Northwest Forest Pass. We walked closer to the trail & saw the Trail Information Board that had a ton of info about the trail & you can pay for your Northwest Day Pass! All you had to do was fill out your information & drop the money+envelope in the dropbox. One of the stubs also requires you to fill out your information for safety purposes in case someone or a party goes missing. I’m really glad they included that.

After filling all of that info out, we finally headed towards the trailhead, which began 2 miles from the info board. Once we started the actual Blanca Lake hike, we got to see some amazing views!

I stood here, 4600 ft. above sea level, speechless & in tears from being in awe of the view. The way I felt about the view is the same exact feeling I get when I’m standing in front of a Monet or Degas painting. It’s the feeling of seeing something so beautiful that the term “beautiful” doesn’t even do it justice. Sometimes there just aren’t words to describe that. I just found myself standing there in tears, taking in the view while listening to one of my favorite songs, & thinking about my dad. One of the things that motivated me was how much I wanted to be closer to him. Tears were rolling down my face & my insides were screaming, “Do you see me now Dad?! I’m right here!” (waves) “You’re right! Nothing compares!!!!”

Once you reach the top & have to hike through a bit of snow, you’ll reach this first lake which isn’t Blanca Lake. I forgot the name of this one!

You hike a little bit past this first lake & you finally reach Blanca Lake!
11.5 miles round trip (because the trailhead parking was closed off) with 3145 feet of elevation gain. You know what’s fun about a hike that’s straight incline the entire time? NOTHING. LOL. Jeremiah & I finally did a hike that’s harder than that mudslide one we did in Hawaii last year. I honestly can’t feel my legs right now, but the view is absolutely worth it. The photos don’t even do it justice. The place was so majestic & beautiful. There were actually a lot more people here than I expected. I’m thankful they were there because I didn’t feel comfortable being one of the only ones out there when the sun started to go down. We saw two rangers & a couple of people camp out near the lake, so that made me feel better too.

Jeremiah jumped in & couldn’t take how cold it was. I only dipped my feet in a little bit.

& congrats to the newly engaged couple here! I almost teared up because idk..proposals make me tear up. haha. They hiked a little bit with us.

you can see the couple on the left

We left Blanca Lake & hiked back up before sundown. Once we FINALLY reached the car, I wanted to cry tears of joy tbh. My legs were sooooo dead.

I’m still in shock (& in pain) that I did an 11.5 mile hike round trip, with 3145 feet of elevation gain, & straight incline the entire time. This is definitely something you should put on your bucket list. If a french bulldog, a guy in vans, & a guy in jeans can do it, you can too!

After Blanca Lake, we had it on our itinerary to eat at McMenamins, but we couldn’t make it in time so we picked up mexican food at Moctzeuma since it was on the way & one of the only things still open since we came back so late.


– If you plan on doing hikes in the Pacific Northwest, do research about each hike & whether it requires a Northwest Forest Pass to avoid any fines
  • bring cash

– Bring plenty of water
  • I have a 32oz Hydroflask that lasted me this entire hike. I’ll try to do a separate post of what I bring on my hikes/adventure trips

Wear comfortable shoes that you can hike in
  • If you buy a new pair of hiking shoes, make sure you break them in first before doing a strenuous hike to avoid blisters
  • If your hike has possible run-ins with snow, make sure your shoes can handle hiking through snow (I wore my waterproof, ankle-high hiking boots)
– Wear thick, comfortable socks to avoid blisters

– Wear a comfortable backpack

Day 7: 45th Stop N Shop & Poke Bar x Molly Moon’s

We grabbed poke from this placed called 45th Stop N Shop & Poke Bar after Snoqualmie Falls. The line was kind of long that it formed out the door. The wait time isn’t long at all though & it was actually good!

After the bookstore, we walked to Molly Moon’s ice cream shop. I got the strawberry sorbet & Jeremiah got the earl grey flavor. Both were really good! We want to get another before we leave Washington.

Jeremiah & I spent the evening in before heading out to try & take photos of the milky way. Before heading out to take photos of the milky way, I was craving milk tea so we went to a Sharetea that was, thankfully, close to us.

Day 7: Snoqualmie Falls x Motel/Shower x Poke x Bookstore x Ice Cream x Motel/Nap/Edit Photos x Sharetea/Milky Way fail x Dinner fail

Jeremiah & I made our first stop of the day at Snoqualmie Falls. It’s definitely a tourist attraction. The view was cool, but I wanted to get closer, so we went on another trail that lead to the bottom of the waterfall, but it wasn’t as close as I thought it was going to be. The trail on the way to the bottom is still beautiful, so check that out if you want a different view.

After Snoqualmie, we checked our itinerary & we listed checking out Pioneer Square, but we were hungry & decided to do something else.

After eating poke, we headed to the Everyday Music store. They didn’t have a wide hip-hop selection like the one in Portland.

After the Everyday Music store, we walked across the street to check out the Elliott Bay Book Company store. It was a cute bookstore & I took photos of these cards because they either made me giggle or grin.

After the bookstore, we walked to Molly Moon’s ice cream shop.
Jeremiah & I spent the evening in before heading out to try & take photos of the milky way, but we stopped to grab milk tea first.
After grabbing milk tea, we headed 20 miles away from the city to take photos of the milky way since the moon is gone, but it was cloudy so we just headed back.

Since that was a fail, we went downtown to eat at this bar called “Damn The Weather”, but downtown was just crazy busy. I think it’s because it’s 4th of July weekend. We took a pass on the bar & decided to get tacos instead. We went to this one spot that had tacos & on their door was a note that said, “access through the alley”. That already sounded kind of off to me. We walked over & took a peek at the alley & said, “Nah.” So we just grabbed fast food & headed back.

Evening wasn’t that great. It’s okay. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Day 6: Cannon Beach x Washington x Space Needle x Pike Place Market

Jeremiah & I woke up extremely early & packed up the last of our things. We grabbed coffee before heading to Cannon Beach. 
Once we arrived at Cannon Beach, we had a bit of trouble finding out where to park, but we eventually found a public lot. We walked down to the beach. I couldn’t leave Oregon without paying homage to my 2nd all-time favorite movie ever. The Goonies filmed some of their scenes here on Cannon Beach by Haystack Rock. I really wanted to visit Mikey’s house (The Goon Docks), but the owner recently closed off the area because too many visitors were disrupting the neighborhood. Completely understandable! This place was the next best thing(: I was cheesing, squealing like a pig, & clenching my fists out of excitement. I took a few photos & then we made our way to Astoria.

There’s a small souvenir shop 30 minutes away from Cannon Beach that sold Goonies merchandise. We thought there would be a wider selection, but they only had a few things. After Astoria, we made our way to Washington.

Once we finally arrived in Washington, we parked & checked in for our reservation at the Space Needle restaurant. Once we got seated, I felt super nauseous because I didn’t know it was a revolving restaurant & I have motion sickness so I couldn’t even look out the window ): It was an unpleasant dining experience for me.

After dinner, Jeremiah & I made our way upstairs to check out the view & take a few photos. There were just too many people up there so we didn’t stay very long. If I would ever go back to Washington again, I would definitely skip the Space Needle & do something else. I wasn’t impressed at all. It seemed so much cooler when I was a kid. (shrugs).

After the Space Needle, Jeremiah & I went to the Pike Place Market. We didn’t get the chance to walk around the whole thing because by the time we got there, a lot of the shops were closing up. It was kind of an unpleasant experience there as well because everyone was just everywhere, people kept pushing & shoving others, etc. It’s definitely a tourist spot. The market seems cute to shop for groceries, but other than that, I wasn’t that impressed by it. It honestly just reminds me of the markets back at home.

We stopped by the gum wall alley & took a few photos. Interesting alley, but super gross. lol.

After the market, we went to the first ever Starbucks store. & it was extremely underwhelming. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

First day in Washington wasn’t that great, but it’s okay. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Pacific Northwest: Crater Lake National Park x Multnomah Falls x Pike Place Market x Snoqualmie Falls

I’ve been anxious to post these since last week & I finally got the OK from my brother (cramnagisac)! Before his trip I told him to take plenty of photos & send me some, but I didn’t get to see anything until he got back.
All of these photos were taken by him & edited by me.
I’m super proud of my brother because he put himself down about how he’s not that great at taking landscape photos (in comparison to me), but these all turned out so amazing. I actually don’t even like 97% of the photos I take. lol. The longer I look at my work, the more I end up hating it. I’m my harshest critic. That’s a given.
All of it is a learning process. You have to be really patient with yourself. You just have to explore, shoot, & practice. How else will you learn without trial & error?
My favorite photo from this entire set is one of the shots from Snoqualmie Falls. It looks so beautiful in the photos & I bet it was even so much more gorgeous in person. I can’t wait until I take a trip out there! I’m going to get that photo printed & hung up in my room sometime ^_^

Wizard Island

Multnomah Falls

Pike Place Market

Snoqualmie Falls

During the road trip back home

The Walking Dead also comes back tonight! Also, new episodes of OUAT, KUWTK, & DD!