Venice on Video

Here’s another video from Europe! This is a Venice only video. I’m so close to being done with all of my Europe posts. I have posted the photos & I’m trying to get through the videos now. I overheard my mom last week watching my Europe videos. She said she likes them & saved them to her phone. That makes my so happy 🤗

Italy: Day 4

Venice, Italy

Our last day in Italy was spent wandering around the different islands! Before starting our day, we grabbed coffee & a bite to eat at Al 133 that I listed here since it was near the hotel.


Our first stop was Murano, the island mostly known for it’s glass-making.

 It was so hot! But despite the heat, we still walked around the different shops.

Cometa de Vetro

There was this beautiful glass piece on the island that I saw some people taking photos with.

So I took one with it too 🤗


The next stop of the day was the island of Burano. This island is mostly known for its brightly colored fishermen’s houses. We had lunch at Trattoria alla Maddalena which I listed here.

After lunch, we walked around towards some of the brightly colored houses.

We didn’t walk around any further because it was just too hot. We also wanted to visit a beach, which is one of the stops, but apparently it was closed.

Back In Venice

We decided to just head back to Venice & check out St. Mark’s Square.

St. Mark’s Square

Once we got to St. Mark’s Square, we grabbed some gelato!

Jeremiah & I headed back towards the hotel because there was an elephant backpack that I wanted & it was much cheaper around the area where we were staying.
After finding my backpack, we had dinner at Pizzeria Ristorante da Sara which I listed here. I’m glad the days started to be more relaxing as it was nearing the end of our trip.

Italy: Day 3

Venice, Italy

We left Rome early in the morning to head to Venice. Once we arrived in Venice, we looked for our hotel. We were too early so we couldn’t check in yet, but we were able to leave our luggage with the front desk.
After leaving our luggage, we had lunch at Trattoria Agli Amici which you can see here.

After brunch, we walked around to check out the views.

Also, I over edited majority of the photos from my visit in Venice & I’m too lazy to fix them especially after spending so much time restoring everything back to this blog 😔 I still hope you enjoy them!

PRO TIP: The farther away you are from St. Mark’s Square, the cheaper the souvenirs are 😉

Venice Resorts Guest House

After walking around, we finally walked back to our hotel to check-in.

Everywhere we walked, it looked like a dream! 😍
Once we checked in to our hotel, we went exploring! We walked all the way from our hotel (which was near the bus station) to the Rialto Bridge. It was a lot of walking, but everything we stumbled upon was stunning, so I couldn’t complain. The buildings & architecture were all beautiful. I couldn’t believe that a whole city was built on water.
I think there used to be a statue here called “God’s Hands” where it looked like the hands were coming out of the water, but I think it was removed because of too many tourists.
Have you guys ever heard that Italian leather is really good? I was thinking about getting an Italian leather purse, but didn’t pull the trigger. I probably should’ve, but I also didn’t have much room to fit a purse in my luggage.

We walked all the way to the Rialto Bridge! Have you guys seen the James Bond movie Casino Royale? It’s always crazy to me actually being at a famous place that you see in films.

Rialto Bridge

We spent time taking photos here at the Rialto Bridge & it was soooo crowded! Maybe I would’ve had better luck going early in the morning because we went around sunset.

St. Mark’s Square

After the Rialto Bridge, we went to St. Mark’s Square. Look at the stunning details in the architecture!

There are so many vendors selling souvenirs & goods at St. Mark’s Square, but because it’s the main tourist spot & near the docks, they hike up the prices so much. If you have the time to walk around Venice, I suggest walking a bit farther away from St. Mark’s Square to get better deals.

Saint Mark’s Basilica

More beautiful views of architecture!

St. Mark’s Campanile

Also went up St. Mark’s Campanile!

It wasn’t expensive to go up St. Mark’s Campanile, so this is something you should put on your To-Do List if you ever visit. It was so worth it because the views were amazing!

Later, dinner was spent at Cafe Saraceno which you can read here.

Italy: Day 2

Rome, Italy

For the longest time, it has been my dream to roam around Rome 😉 I was still sick with a sore throat so I ended up missing dinner the previous night, but it felt nice to give my body some rest before having a full day in Rome.

We woke up early to head to the Trevi Fountain because I wanted to go before it got crowded.

The Trevi Fountain

We spent quite some time at the Trevi Fountain & took as many photos as we could.

After the Trevi Fountain, Jeremiah & I walked to The Collosseum.

The Roman Collosseum

Once Jeremiah & I got to The Collosseum, we took some photos.

Luckily, we ended up at the spot where our tour group was supposed to meet up at.
Once everyone arrived, we started the tour & waited in line to enter The Collosseum.
Once we got in, we were able to see the lower level, but I thought that when we bought the ticket, we were going to go to the underground sections of The Collosseum. But, it was a separate ticket that you have to purchase in order to go there.
After checking out the lower level, our group tour had free time to roam the rest of The Collosseum.

After The Collosseum, we met up with the tour group to continue to The Roman Forum.

The Roman Forum

Once we got to The Roman Forum, our tour guide said goodbye to all of us. We were able to freely roam around The Roman Forum.

Arch of Titus

Basilica of Maxentius

Walked up to Orti Farnesiani sul Palatino

Visitors are allowed to go up & see the views, but because we walked all morning, my legs couldn’t make it up there. Lol.

House of the Vestals

After The Roman Forum, we all headed to Altare della Patria because our host gave us an insider tip to go up the elevator to see a better view of Rome.

Altare della Patria

Once we got to Altare della Patria, it didn’t take long to get in, but the wait time for the elevator took a while.

It’s an extra cost to get to the top, but IT WAS WORTH IT.
After Altare della Patria, we got some gelato on the way here because it was hot & humid! I was craving for something cold.


Once we grabbed some gelato, we headed to the Pantheon. It was free to go in, but it was super crowded! Jeremiah & I didn’t stay long because of that.

After the Pantheon, we chilled outside & got some food.
After the Pantheon, we had time to kill before our tour for The Vatican. Jeremiah & I went to Nike because he wanted to get a Nike Rome shirt.

The Vatican

It took us FOREVER to get through the rooms at The Vatican. The tour groups were the reason it took so long to get through because they all crowd the rooms & walkways. I don’t understand why crowd control isn’t a thing here? If I wanted to move at the pace of a tour group, I would’ve bought a ticket for a tour group. Otherwise, I’d like to go through museums at my own pace.

After The Vatican, we headed back to the Airbnb & relaxed for the evening after being out all day!


I didn’t really get to try the Trapizzino because I was feeling sick. I ended up taking a long nap.

Italy: Day 1

Leaving Paris, France

Last morning in France 👋🏾

Paris Orly

I was not that sad to be leaving Paris because I know that I will make my way here back again one day.

Arriving in Rome, Italy

We made it to Italy! The first thing we did was check into our Airbnb.

Holiday Home Gia Zina

The hotel “airbnb” was so incredibly cute & cozy! It felt so natural & comfortable for me to stay there. Our host was also extremely helpful & kind towards us. He spoke a little bit of English, but he sat with us & took the time to use Google translate a map of places we should see. He also gave us insider local tips! I would highly suggest booking this place. You would not be disappointed.

Our host also got us drinks downstairs where we were right next to a pizza place called Pizza Rustica which I mapped out on my Italy Eats post here.
Since I didn’t get much sleep the night before & having to wake up early for our flight to Italy, it felt nice to just stay in, take it easy, & try to get settled.

Italy Eats

Italy: Day 1

Pizza Rustica

[googlemaps!1m17!1m11!1m3!1d730.862832962653!2d12.49967177670071!3d41.89605231516298!2m2!1f0!2f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!3m3!1m2!1s0x132f61bb36f7e8f9%3A0xf5f47ce3cfc57cdf!2sPizza+Rustica!5e1!3m2!1sen!2sus!4v1534127135237″ style=”border-style: initial; border-width: 0px;” width=”400″>

Our host made us feel so welcome that he got us drinks & sat down to chat with us a bit. He didn’t speak English very well, but I very much loved the fact that he tried to communicate to us the best way he could & genuinely wanted us to enjoy our stay in Italy.
It’s useful that the spot next to our hotel was right downstairs because Jeremiah got me pizza for dinner!

Italy: Day 2

We saw this place on the way to the Pantheon. & OMG it was THE BEST gelato I’ve ever had!!!! I miss it so much.

Italy: Day 3

Trattoria Agli Amici

Gelateria Ruga Giuffa

Got gelato while walking around because I was craving it again.

Cafè Saraceno

Italy: Day 4

Al 133

Grabbed coffee & a bite to eat at A1 133 before starting the day.

Trattoria alla Maddalena

We were hungry, so right when we got off the water taxi at Burano, we ate at Trattoria alla Maddalena. They have the best clams & muscles!

Pizzeria Ristorante da Sara