Day 1: Flight x Waikiki Beach

It’s currently Tuesday 11:36PM over here which would mean that back at home it would be Wednesday 2:36AM. I’m trying not to sleep too early so that I don’t end up waking up too early. I think I’m pretty good at adjusting my body to time since I do it so often for work.
We really needed this vacation. I mean, REALLY needed this vacation. We’ve been saving up for this vacation since January. The last two mini-vacations I’ve been on, stress followed. So the entire time I’m going to be here I won’t be answering any calls, replying to any texts or anything else whatsoever. Anyone can text me, but I just won’t check it or reply until this vacation is over. I just feel that to truly be on vacation is to be away from everything else that’s going on back at home. & it’s really nothing personal against anyone. I just need time away from reality & the constant use of my phone. I want to be able to enjoy my surroundings, my views, & absorb my entire experience here without interruption. The only thing I’m actually reading/checking is my e-mail because of school. So if anyone needs to reach me for emergency, just e-mail me since I check that everyday.
My 5-hour flight was…bearable. Just know that I do not want to have any children anytime soon. Eventually I want to, but definitely not now.

Finally arrived in Hawaii. We’re staying on Oahu for this vacation!

Having an itinerary of all of the things you want to do on certain days DEFINITELY helps. The Boy & I are becoming pros at itineraries because we do it so much whenever we take mini trips. Also, doing thorough research also helps. Thankfully we asked/got advice about what to do, where to go, & where to eat while in Hawaii from those that have been here already. Shouts to Billy & Elaine for the big list! It really helps! (:

We decided that we wanted our first day to be relaxing so we spent time on Waikiki Beach. The water was really warm! I actually wanted it to be a little colder. haha. We spent time enjoying the sunset before heading out to dinner.

this dog walked away from its owners so that it could chill by him/herself. I could see myself doing the same. lol

Day 2 will be a little bit more eventful so hopefully I have more photos to share tomorrow!