Day 7: Waimano Falls Fail x Waimano Falls x Paradise Cove Luau

Woke up early, but not as early as the other days for the hikes. We headed to Waimano Falls & it was raining quite a bit, so we decided to hold off on it until it cleared up a bit. We spent time getting the souvenirs out of the way & by the time we were done it was still raining a bit in Waimano Falls so we went back to Waikiki to finish our souvenir shopping. After souvenirs, we headed to Waimano Falls. I thought that Maunawili Falls was hard, but NOPE. I was definitely wrong. Maunawili Falls wasn’t hard. THIS hike was SOOOO much harder. I think that if it hadn’t rained, it would’ve been easier to hike down to. He got hurt & I felt like crying because I felt soooo bad that he got hurt. It was me who wanted to go too. He wanted to go through with it when I said it was okay if we just skipped it.

We finally hiked down & I was disappointed that the water wasn’t clear/blue like the pictures on google. He explained that it’s because all the water was rain water. He said that it’s usually really nice 3 days after it rains because all the rain water drains out. Ugh. It made me upset & kind of sad because we didn’t get to swim in it. If it hadn’t rained for the past 3 days, it definitely would’ve been nicer. They have two rope swings though which is cool for jumping in! There were a couple people there, but definitely not as many as Maunawili Falls.

After Waimano Falls we headed back to the hotel because we wanted to shower. We felt super gross & dirty. Then we got ready for the Paradise Cove Luau. It was humid, but there was a breeze which felt nice. There were plenty of things going on before the dinner & Luau show. There was arts & crafts, small shop stands, drinks, tattoos, gift shop, spear throwing, canoeing, & small side shows.


My favorite part of the entire Luau was the show! It was so fun! The fire part was really fun! The food was really good too. It was a buffet, but we got served because we got a deluxe deal. We sat across people who are also from Bay Area/California. They’re from Santa Rosa (I think that’s what they said). They were really nice too ^_^


Day 6: Diamond Head State Monument x Honolulu Museum of Art x Lanikai Beach

Finally got around to editing the most photos I took solely from this one day out of my entire trip! I edited these while I was stuck on the plane for 5 hours.

Day 6: Woke up early to hike Diamond Head. Gates didn’t open until 6AM for parking. It’s a good thing we didn’t wake up too early then. We got through the hike in about 40 minutes. I really don’t know why everyone was stressing that this hike was hard because it wasn’t AT ALL. It was actually super disappointing. The view wasn’t even worth it. I kinda wish we didn’t do it because it was a waste of a plan, but I’m all for experience I guess while I was there!

Headed to the Honolulu Museum of Art around noon. This activity was definitely my second favorite out of everything else we’ve done thus far. I think my sister would’ve liked this museum too. What really made me like this museum was the fact that they had so many different pieces of art from different countries. This museum had so much more variety than I’ve seen at others. They had an exhibition of art from the Philippines & it made me a little sad because I don’t think I’ve actually ever been to a museum that presented an exhibition from my ethnic background. Everything was beautiful. I really wish I could’ve stayed longer, but we were running short of time. I had to quickly go through the last few rooms because we needed to leave by a certain time. I literally liked pretty much everything except for the Modern & Contemporary, but that’s a given if you know me well enough because I’m not really fond of those two art movements. The photos really do not do this place justice.

Miscellaneous photos from Exhibitions: Impressionist, Post-Impressionist Art, 18th-Century European Art, Portraiture, 17th-Century European Art, Modernism, Works on Paper, Temporary Exhibitions, Antiquity+The Body, & Medieval+Renaissance.

one of my favorite pieces that I saw there

It took me a while to figure out who this painting was by because I forgot to take a photo of the sign. I thought it was Pissarro. I asked my sister & she thought that if it wasn’t him, it was Seurat or Sisley, but neither of those two had work presented there. I would’ve remembered. I had to zoom into my photo & realized that Henri-Edmond Cross’s name was signed on the bottom left. It was bothering me for hours that I couldn’t figure out who it was. They didn’t have any work from Degas or Sisley (my other two favorites), but at least they had Monet & Renoir!

Henri-Edmond Cross “Landscape”

Camille Pissarro “Morning, Winter Sunshine, Frost, the Pont-Neuf, the Seine, the Louvre, Soleil D’hiver”

Camille Pissarro “Rouen, Saint-Sever, Morning)

Vincent Van Gogh “Wheat Field”

Paul Cezanne “A Copse”

Claude Monet “Water Lilies”

I really wanted a photo of this, but couldn’t get a good one (second photo) because of the glare from the glass );

Miscellaneous photos from Exhibition: Arts of Hawaii

Charles Furneaux “Hilo”

William Alexander Coulter “Manoa Valley”
This was the only photo I took from the Contemporary exhibition. I clearly wasn’t that interested. lol.

This was from the Modernism Exhibition. This was the only thing that I liked because it looks like something I just saw in a newspaper recently.

Andy Warhol “Birmingham Race Riot”

 Miscellaneous photos from Exhibitions: Indonesian Art, Arts of the Islamic World, Southeast Asian Art, Indian Art, & Textiles.

Miscellaneous photos from Exhibitions: Pan-Asian Buddhism, Japanese Art, Japanese Woodblock Prints, Chinese Art, & Korean Art.

Miscellaneous photos from Exhibition: Art of the Philippines

Miscellaneous photos from exhibitions: American Art, The Pacific, Africa, Ancient Latin America, & North America.

After the Honolulu Museum of Art we headed straight to Lanikai Beach. We stayed there for a couple of hours. I finally got to use my floatie! I wish I had bought one sooner to make better use of it, but I have a pool back at home so I could always use it there I guess.


 My old co-worker always posts cute “Follow Me To” photos with her boyfriend so I wanted to do one too ^_^ The Follow Me To photo idea is originally from Murad Osmann.

After the beach we went back to the hotel to shower & then headed out for dinner.

Day 5: Lanikai Pillbox Hiking x Kualoa Ranch x Lanikai Beach

We headed to the Lanikai Pillbox hike around 630AM. The first part was hard, but overall it wasn’t that bad. The view was worth it. I thought we got there faster than I thought. We didn’t stay long because it started to rain. I’m so glad that when it rains, it’s humid so that I don’t completely hate the weather. I never thought I would walk around with shorts & a tank top while it’s raining & then be okay with it. The whole humid & rain weather reminds me of the Philippines.

After breakfast & our hike, we headed back to the hotel to shower & change.

Our view

After the hotel, we got gas & then headed to the Kualoa Ranch for the ATV tour. It took forever to get there because it was so far from where we were staying. Once we got there, it was sooooo humid. We had a bit of time to kill because our tour didn’t start until 145PM. So we walked around the gift shop & chilled a bit. We had a small group with us, but it was okay. Our tour guide looked like Stephen Colletti. LOL. He was real chill though & funny so I’m glad we got him. We took the ATV tour to filming locations such as Lost, Wind Talkers, 50 First Dates, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Pearl Harbor, Godzilla, Mighty Joe Young, Jurassic Park, etc. The tour was about 2 hours. It started raining during the middle of our tour so he gave us ponchos, but then it stopped once we rode to a different area. I seriously had so much fun. The view throughout the entire tour was completely gorgeous. We both agreed that this has probably been our favorite thing we’ve done thus far.

Our tour guide made us do this I swear! HAHAHAH

After the tour we ate at the ranch & then headed to Lanikai Beach. I thought the other beaches were my favorite, but I changed my mind. THIS one was my favorite. It’s clean, calm, not too crowded, clear water, & the waves weren’t too crazy. We stayed there for a bit & we decided that we had time to kill after the museum on Sunday (Day 6) so we decided we’re going to come back.

Once we left it started raining so it’s a good thing we left at the right time. We headed back to the hotel & spent the rest of the evening in. He wasn’t feeling well so we didn’t have dinner. I was too tired anyway.

Day 4: Iolani Palace Fail x King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center x Iolani Palace x Waimea Falls x Waimea Beach Park

Sorry for the lack of updates! I’ve been trying to update, but the internet here has been incredibly slow. It’s a little infuriating because it costs a lot, but we’re not receiving the service we’re paying for. So you can understand a bit of my frustration. It’s so slow that I’m using my mobile hotspot instead. Anyway, here’s a post about what we did on Friday!

Friday was pretty much a day full of fails, but we still tried to make the most of what we could.

We headed to Iolani Palace around 9AM, but they weren’t doing any more tours until 11AM because students booked all the early tours! So we decided to wait for the 11AM tour.

It started raining pretty hard, but it was still so humid. We didn’t want to waste time or wait around in the rain for about 2 hours so we went exploring to the next best thing to kill time. We went across the street to the King Kamehameha V Judiciary History Center. It was free so that was a good thing for us! It didn’t take that long to get through it, but it was pretty cool learning a bit of their governmental history.

We started heading back to Iolani Palace around 10:50AM.

We thoroughly enjoyed Iolani Palace. My dad & sister probably would’ve enjoyed this tour as well. Our tour guide was very educational about the history of the palace & Hawaiian history in general. The tour is about 45 min-1 hour which isn’t that bad. We got to cover the main areas of the rooms. My favorite rooms out of the entire tour would have to be the Gold Room & the Ballroom.

The Gold Room

The Ballroom

Our second to last plan of the day was Waimea Falls. It costs $15 per person to get into the Waimea Garden/Falls. The walk to Waimea Falls took long, but it was probably because I was taking so many stops to take pictures. The views during the walk to Waimea Falls is really gorgeous though. If it wasn’t, I probably would’ve dreaded walking that far. Once we got there, someone told us that they’re not letting anyone swim in the falls anymore because the water got too intense & it’s risky for people to be swimming if the water runs that vigorously. We were kind of bummed, but we didn’t want to turn back after walking all that way. So we went to the Waimea Falls to take photos. The Boy really wanted to swim, but I just wanted to chill. So the Waimea Falls thing was kind of fail, but at least we got to experience being there & seeing the Waimea Garden.

After Waimea Falls we went to Waimea Beach Park since it was across the street. A bunch of people were cliff diving & it actually didn’t look as bad as photos made it seem. It isn’t that high up actually. I was going to do it, but then changed my mind. haha. He did it & took the gopro too. I chilled on the beach & took some photos.

We wanted to stay until sunset to watch it across the ocean & enjoy each other’s company, BUT THEN IT STARTED TO RAIN HARD. We didn’t even get to stay that long ); So we had to quickly pack our things & leave. After packing our things we were supposed to go to Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice since it was on our itinerary, but they were already closed! Honestly, if we got to Iolani Palace & got to take the early tour like we had planned, we probably would’ve been on top of everything else. We missed out on the Waimea Falls, rarely got to stay at Waimea Beach, it started to rain hard on us, & we missed out on the shaved ice. One thing pretty much created a domino effect. After Waimea, we headed back to eat Rainbow Drive-In for dinner. The mixed plate & strawberry slush lives up to the hype. I heard that the Loco Moco plate(?) was also good, but we didn’t get that one.

Once we got back to the hotel & parked in the parking garage, all the doors to the elevators were closed! So we had to take the long way back to the hotel. Everything today kind of just failed.
Even though Friday wasn’t as great as the other days, I had hope that the rest of the vacation will be better.

Day 3: Maunawili Falls x Makapu’u Lookout

Hawaii Time: 5:55AM
CA Time: 8:55AM

It’s so early, but I really can’t sleep. I feel horrible. I need a coffee so bad & I really need food. I’m thinking about going downstairs to the restaurant inside the hotel to eat food without the Boy ); I rarely got any sleep at all because I kept waking up to the itchiness of my bug bites! ))))); I have about 23 bug bites & it’s mostly all over my legs. I got all of these bug bites yesterday when I went hiking to go to Maunawili Falls. I bought bug spray for the rest of my hikes this week, but I really should’ve bought it earlier & maybe I wouldn’t have 23 bug bites! I researched that aloe vera gel/lotion helps so we bought that, but it isn’t helping at all! I researched last night what other remedies there are & apparently Therapik really helps. I’m going to go buy that once we leave the hotel because I can’t keep scratching. I think I may be slightly allergic to bug bites or mosquitos because every time I get a bug bite my bites flare up into big ones. That has always happened for as long as I can remember. I think the last time I had this many bug bites that itched so bad was when I went to the Philippines YEARS ago. You should really see my legs. It’s so bad ); Bugs really love my blood I swear! If vampires were real, I would be one of the first to be bit.

For Day 3 (Thursday), we woke up early (6AM) to go hiking to Maunawili Falls.

up before the sun

 The view on the way there was nothing less than beautiful.

tunnel vision

We’ve read that this hike was mostly covered by all the trees which is great so that we don’t have any sun beating down on us. Especially since we’re already sunburnt! It was a little confusing after the middle of the hike because there weren’t any signs to direct where the falls were located. We pretty much just followed footsteps & went off of what we read on Yelp about crossing a couple of rivers. LET ME TELL YOU, crossing those rivers is NOT easy AT ALL. I almost fell in one & I would’ve had a field day considering I had my DSLR in my backpack. It took what literally felt like forever to get there, but once we made it I felt very relieved.
The Maunawili Falls area was kind of small. There’s rarely any place to sit or put your stuff so if you plan on ever coming here, just pack light. It was relaxing at first once we arrived, but it quickly started to get over crowded. I guess this spot is really popular considering how many people started to arrive after us. I didn’t swim in the falls or jump off the cliffs into it like everyone else. I think I have this phobia about swimming in water that I can’t see clearly in or something. Plus, it started to get real crowded anyway so we didn’t stay long. Getting out of the hike was so much easier than getting in.

Overall, the views throughout the hike is so worth it. It reminded me of a jungle or Jurassic Park or something. It doesn’t matter if I show you a video or take good photos because no picture will ever do this place justice as much as having to be here to see it for yourself. If you ever plan on going here, PACK BUG SPRAY, pack light, & wear good shoes to hike in that you wouldn’t mind getting dirty. The reviews about this place getting real muddy is literally no joke. Your shoes will get ruined with mud. It’s the messiest hike that I’ve ever been on. Use really good hiking shoes because you may end up slipping a lot throughout this hike.

After Maunawili Falls we went back to the hotel to shower, eat, & then went to Makapu’u Lookout.

The view was amazing, but the beach was more amazing. We didn’t do the Makapu’u Lighthouse hike since we just did a hike in the morning & we wanted to relax the rest of the day. We stayed there for a couple of hours. It’s hands down one of my favorite beaches thus far. It’s clean & more private/secluded/less crowded. I’ve been to plenty of beaches, but nothing tops this one. The water was clean, blue, & WARM. Not freezing cold like what I usually experience! The sand was also clean & soft. Ugh. It was so beautiful! I left a piece of my heart there.

Day 2: Hanauma Bay x Snorkeling

I didn’t have time to update last night because I KOed so here’s an update while he takes an hour nap! I also have videos I want to upload, but I don’t have the video capability of doing it right now so I’ll upload videos after vacation is over.
The Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve is so beautiful! We made reservations to go snorkeling here. There’s even an entry fee to go down to the beach & a mandatory 10-minute video for non-residents because they really want to keep this place clean & well taken care of since there are many creatures/fish that swim among the reef.

I’ve never been snorkeling before & it honestly wasn’t as bad as the Boy made it seem. I didn’t go too far out into the reef because I started struggling. I think that if I had a life vest, it would’ve made it easier because treading water while trying to discover what creatures were among the reef is TIRING. I choked up water at one point & I think it’s because I kept trying to go deeper into the water to see what was down there. If I had a vest, that probably wouldn’t have happened. I really wanted to see a turtle, but I sadly didn’t see anything ); Maybe if I had gone further out, I would’ve seen one.

I didn’t go snorkeling the entire time. I think I got a bit traumatized after choking up some of that water so I wanted to relax on the beach. Oh, I’ve never been sunburnt before, but don’t worry because I’m definitely feeling it now! I never knew that it stung this bad! )))));

I know this makes for a cute photo, but I cannot stress the weird tan lines I got from this. & this was only the second day! 

They have roosters & hens that walk around the picnic area!