Greece & England (Day 5)

Goodbye Europe

Goodbye humid & hot weather of Greece!

Hello London, For A Short Time

We also had a layover in London & they had a Harry Potter store in the airport!!!!! So we got a few souvenirs. I also had to get a luggage tag because mine got ripped off in Greece 😔

& alas, my Europe posts finally come to an end 😭 It only took over a month to finally get to this post, but this is it! I wanted to update while I was on vacation so that my posts would be fresh in mind & trip tips/suggestions would be updated after what I had experienced each day.
Hopefully the next time I’m on a long, international vacation, I’ll have great internet service to upload my photos in a timely manner.
More posts will be coming soon before Autumn begins! I want to get all of my summer posts out before the new season 😊

Greece: Day 4

Athens, Greece

The last thing we did in Greece was enjoy genuine Greek food, look at souvenir shops, & go for a swim!
Before swimming, we had lunch at Plakiotissa which I listed in my Greek Eats list here.

Vouliagmenis Lake

We spent most of the day here at the lake, which was great because it was nice not having to do a lot of walking or having some place to hurry to. We got to just relax & enjoy swimming since it was our last day & because it was so hot out.

I’m surely going to miss the gelato out here.

After the lake, the rest of the day was spent going through souvenir shops. & I grabbed ice cream during our time looking through the souvenir shops. The heat never let up during our days here in Greece!

On the way to dinner, we witnessed the beautiful sunset over Athens.

The very last thing we did was have Greek food for dinner. Although Greece was quite an experience, I was definitely ready to head home!

Greece: Day 3

Santorini, Greece

The third day in Greece was spent taking a quick flight to Santorini from Athens!

Perissa Black Sand Beach

I think we arrived sooner than expected because, by the time we landed in Santorini, nothing was open, buses were barely passing through, & Perissa Black Sand Beach was dreadfully empty. Restaurants & shops weren’t even open yet.

Because we arrived so early, we were able to get a great spot right in front of the water.

We also ended up bringing a floatie home 🤗

Oia, Santorini

After Perissa Black Sand Beach, we finally headed to Oia!
The views were absolutely beautiful, but we did not like the fact that it was so hot out. I wanted to check out so many of the little shops around Oia, but I couldn’t handle the sun beaming down my back.

We wanted to walk around more, but the heat was draining so much energy out of me.

After taking some photos, walking around, & checking out the views, we walked to our dinner spot that had a gorgeous view of the sunset which I listed here.

After dinner, we headed back towards the bus station. It took a while to get back to the bus station because of how crowded it was. Once we finally got back to the bus station, we took a taxi to to head back to the airport.
The Santorini airport was the worst airport experience I’ve ever had. It was overcrowded & so unorganized. It also didn’t help that the airport is so small. Like I’ve mentioned in my previous Europe posts, it must be a European thing that crowd control just doesn’t exist. There were no airport employees organizing lines for gates or asking people to form a single file line. It was basically just a free for all to push who can get to the front faster. It was absolutely ridiculous & horrible. I almost want to not recommend ever coming to Santorini. I think one visit here was enough for me. Once we finally left, I felt relieved to be out of there.

Greece: Day 2

Athens, Greece

Our first full day in Greece was spent going to all of the tourist spots! But first, we grabbed coffee which I listed in my Greece Eats post here.

Olympic Stadium

The Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour pick up location was near the Olympic Stadium. We took a glance at it really quick before leaving to go on our tour.

Hop-On-Hop-Off Bus Tour

Once we got on the tour bus, we sat on the top because we wanted to check out the views.

Acropolis of Athens

Once we got to the Acropolis, there was a huge line! We couldn’t buy our tickets online even though there was an option to, it just wasn’t allowing us. Not sure why.

Areopagus Hill

We were also able to check out Areopagus Hill which gives you a beautiful view of Athens from above.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

It was closed off (I think due to construction), but at least we were able to catch a glimpse of this spot.


We went up the Propylaea which was FILLED with a bunch of people, so I tried not to capture the madness.


Jeremiah really wanted to see the Parthenon. It was really nice to see in person, but there was a ton of construction everywhere.


After walking to the Parthenon, we made our way to the Erechtheion.

Temple Of Rome & Augustus

& our last stop at the Acropolis was The Temple of Rome & Augustus.

We went back towards the ticket center & got a drink because it was so hot out.

Since the tour ticket we bought gave us access to other tourist sites, we decided to make use of it since we had so much time.

Ancient Agora of Athens

We walked to the Ancient Agora of Athens from the Acropolis.

Stoa of Attalos

We also checked out the Stoa of Attalos which had a little museum inside.

The museum had some artifacts, but we didn’t stay too long because we wanted to eat lunch.

We had lunch at Μαίανδρος Εστιατόριο which I listed here.

After lunch, we walked through some souvenir shops/vendors.

& went on the Hop-On-Hop-Off Tour Bus to our next destination.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Our tour ticket also gave us access to the Temple of Olympian Zeus.

Olympic Stadium

Our last stop was the Olympic Stadium. We caught a glimpse of it in the morning, but we were able to see it up close this time. Our tour ticket didn’t cover this, so we just took photos of it from the outside.

Greece: Day 1

Athens, Greece

We took it easy on our first day in Greece because of how humid it was. Italy was nothing compared to how humid Greece was. We took the time to relax and settle in because we knew we had a very full day ahead of us!

We had dinner at The Champions, which I listed here.