90s Experience

Jeremiah & I were lucky enough to grab tickets for the 90s Experience pop-up art museum in Oakland before they closed, but I found out recently that they’re re-opening again because of popular demand! I think they’re set to open sometime later this month.

Upon entering, the host quizzes you to see how well you really know the 90s. Jeremiah got his question right, but I got mine wrong!


I received so many compliments on my All That shirt 👍🏽


From what we were told, the creators or sponsors of the pop-up shop are all people from the Bay Area 👍🏽


Fresh Prince & Princess 😂


(play Super Mario tunes)



These were stuck on one of the walls & I immediately thought of my sister who had a ton of these back then! I don’t remember what they were called ☹️


A wall of how notebooks probably looked back in the day LOL


East Coast vs. West Coast walls


A single, yellow wall with a pager on it.


A wall covered in CDs! Remember when you had to write the songs on the CD you burned 😂 The struggles before!


A wall of how a bedroom would’ve looked in the 90s. Jeremiah mentioned that he recalls his sister having a room that looked very similar to this.


A single purple door with the famous yellow frame from Friends.


& a similar orange couch like the one in the Friends Intro ⛲️


They have a small little gift shop at the end of the experience full of 90s era memorabilia.


I don’t think it’s quite that tough to try & find something that looks like it’s from the 90s as shops are trying to bring fashion from that era back.

Overall, I would definitely say that the experience was not worth the money we had spent.

The walls for photos are too small in their confined spaces. Also, the museum is filled with people waiting for their turn to take a photo. This place is more for quick, photo close-ups rather than actually being immersed in a true “90s experience”.

The host that checked us in did not inform us that once you leave a room, you cannot go back. Another employee had gotten upset that we had gone back to a previous room, but we informed her that the host at the front did not tell us about the rule, but she was still upset about it. It kind of put a damper on the rest of our time there as we were being blamed for something that one of their workers should’ve told us about.

The whole experience was short & much smaller than anticipated. There wasn’t much room to stand or do anything without someone else getting in your photo.

I’d say this place is a definite pass to save your money, but if they expanded like the size of Museum of Ice Cream or Color Factory, it may be more worth it.

What was your favorite part about the 90s?

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