Zion National Park

Jeremiah & I initially planned to wake up extremely early to get a head start at Zion National Park  before the sun was at its peak & before it got too crowded. However, it did not go as planned! We are usually really good about our travel plans, but we were too exhausted from traveling through Utah & Arizona.

We actually ended up getting lost on the way because we used the car’s GPS which was wildly inaccurate. Once we got signal, we switched to using the GPS on our phones.

The views during the route we got lost on were still amazing though!


Once we found our way, there was a long line of cars trying to enter the park. We ended up just parking at one of the shuttle pick up spots instead of wasting time waiting to get in.


After parking, we checked out the visitor’s center & it’s one of the best national park’s visitor’s center that we’ve been to thus far! Maybe like it even better than Yosemite’s 👀

Once we looked through the visitor’s center & got our national passport stamps, we waited in line to board the shuttle to take us to the trailhead of Angel’s Landing.

The Angel’s Landing trailhead is the 6th stop on the shuttle route. When we got dropped off at our stop, there was a line of people at the beginning of the trailhead. For safety, they only let in a certain amount of people at a time, so we all waited for other visitor’s to walk out. We probably only waited about 15 minutes.

Once we started the hike, it was a long way to go to get to the top of Angel’s Landing. You can read more about the hike here.


I’m sure that we are just out of shape or maybe it was the heat, but the hike was tough! Angel’s Landing is only a 4.1 mile hike. We did an 11.5 mile hike to Blanca Lake back in Washington, so I was confident we would be able to tough this one out. I guess it doesn’t help that the entire hike to the top hacked lacked shade, almost entirely. The hike was also mostly switchbacks.


To get to the very top of Angel’s Landing, there is small portion of the hike that you would need to hold onto chains for support.

It’s actually the scariest hike I’ve ever done thus far. The views are amazing, yes, but I was extremely anxious. It helped not looking down to keep my anxiety at bay. Well, I also kept thinking about how I was going to reward myself with a strawberry smoothie later once I got down.

Also, most of these photos are from my phone as I was too scared of taking out my camera with what little space there was to pull things out of my backpack. I’d rather be safe than sorry!

You can see the chains in the below photo.


For some time, it truly felt like we were never going to reach the top, but alas, we made it! We went all the way to the top & it was so beautiful. You actually didn’t have to go all the way to see the beautiful view since you could photograph it from so many different angles. To us though, something just didn’t feel right about hiking all that way & not reaching the summit.

I have to say that Jeremiah & I almost backed out & didn’t continue on, but we really pushed through!





We didn’t stay long as the sun was starting to set. We didn’t want to hike back down in the dark, especially with how steep it was with all the chains.

We also ran out of water really quick which usually never happens with me, but it was so hot! The air felt so thick & humid that we both ended up finishing our water. Luckily, one of the rangers that’s stationed right before the chain section let us have some of his.

I wish I had taken photos around sunset or earlier in the day when the light wasn’t so harsh, but the experience was all still worth it, even if I wasn’t able to capture the best of it.


After we finally reached the bottom, I was barely able to feel my legs! We completed the whole hike in 5 hours, which one of the rangers had told us was the average.

We got smoothies at Cafe Soleil right after we left, which were sooo refreshing & well deserved after the hike we did.

Zion National Park was beautiful to see despite us being extremely dehydrated & vowing to never hike during the sun’s peak ever again. It’s definitely one of the national parks to add to your bucket list!

Look at our souvenirs from the visit!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset


  • Go early! The earlier you get to the park, the better!
    • Able to find parking easily
    • Not hiking during the sun’s peak hours
  • Pack light
    • The weight of your backpack will be more difficult once you’re closer to the top, especially during the areas in which you’re hanging onto chains for support
  • Bring as much water as you’re able to carry!
    • 32 oz. of water was enough for me
  • Bring some food
    • I brought an apple & 2 oranges, which was definitely needed
    • Jeremiah brought granola bars
  • Wear comfortable hiking shoes
    • I would’t advise doing this hike in canvas shoes
  • Bring a hat & wear/carry sunscreen
    • this should be applied especially during their hotter months
  • Download the hike/trail on the AllTrails app to guage your distance
    • I did not do this prior to our visit, which I regretted later
  • Share the trails!
    • the top is very steep with very little room to move
    • communicate with others to stop or allow others to pass

2 thoughts on “Zion National Park

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the kind words. It’s such a beautiful park & I’m so grateful to have experienced it. I hope you’ll get the chance to make the trip out there! It’s definitely something to add to a bucket list 🤗

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