Monument Valley

Once we finally reached the beginning of Monument Valley, oh gosh, it was so cool it literally felt like we were on a movie set or some kind of different planet.

The roads are mostly dirt and uneven paths, so I advise getting a car that could withstand the road conditions. I’m glad we rented an all-wheel drive Subaru because it really came in handy once we drove deeper into Monument Valley.

There is a visitor’s center that has cool souvenirs, educational information regarding Monument Valley, & epic views of the red sandstone buttes.

We spent time looking through the visitor’s center & took some photos of the views.




Jeremiah & I discussed staying at The View Hotel whenever we get the chance to come back. It would be a great experience to stay in Monument Valley & take a photo of the milky way over the sandstone buttes.

After the Visitor’s Center, we took the drive to John Ford’s Point. Apparently it’s a famous view from a really old western movie? I can’t recall.

In the below photo, you can see rock formations to what they call the Three Sisters.


We wanted to take photos of the views below at John Ford’s Point without people in the background, but there was a line of people trying to take a photo with a horse. It didn’t seem like the line of people was going to be over anytime soon, so we didn’t around for too long before finally leaving.



Right after Monument Valley, we headed to Horseshoe Bend. We actually got out of the car to begin the hike, but we backed out after seeing one of the visitor’s faint from the heat. It isn’t that long of a hike, but I also did not feel comfortable attempting it. I really wanted to go during sunset & stay to take a photo of the milky way at Horseshoe Bend, but our hotel was still a long drive away, so we just had to cut our losses.

Some photos along the way to our next hotel.


After leaving Horseshoe Bend, we were thinking of other places we could stop by at, but we were losing out on time. We ultimately decided to head to our next hotel, the Wingate. We wanted to be fully rested, since our hike the next day was going to be longer & tougher than what we had experienced during this trip.

Here are our souvenirs from the day!


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