Arches National Park

Alas! My Utah posts will slowly be publishing 🤗 Jeremiah & I went to Utah over the 4th of July weekend to use the National Parks Annual Pass that my friends got me 💛 I want to renew it next year because there are so many other National Parks that have been on my list of places to see.

I wanted this to  be a group trip with my brother & his girlfriend, my group of friends, or Jeremiah’s cousins, but it was pretty short notice, so no one was able to go. I’m still glad we were able to make the most out of it even if it was a short trip.

We arrived really late in evening, so once we got to our hotel, we caught up on sleep for a couple of hours before heading out for the day. This plan worked out really well for us since we stayed in the park until around midnight.

Once we woke up, we ate at Moab Diner which was close to our hotel & Arches National Park.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Right after some grub, we finally headed to Arches National Park!

We got to the park before sunset because the visitor’s center closed at 6 PM & we wanted to check out their souvenirs & get our national passport stamps.


The visitor’s center provided great information about the park in general, but we didn’t have enough time to really check it out as we had to make our way to Delicate Arch before it got too dark. After we got our national park passport stamps, we headed out.

We first stopped by the Park Avenue Trailhead which had a large enough parking lot for people who just want to quickly stop by & take a photo. There’s also trail to walk through Park Avenue, but we didn’t do that.



After the Park Avenue Trailhead, we pulled over on the side of the road to take a look at more sights. There are plenty of stops along the way to park your car & take photos.


In the below photo, you can see The Organ on the right, Courthouse Towers Viewpoint right behind The Organ, the Three Gossips on the left, & Tower of Babel all the way at the back middle.


& right below I think is the Cove of Caves. I kind of wish we stopped by here because I saw more images on Google & it looked pretty cool to see up close!


After only stopping by to snap some photos, we made our way to Balanced Rock. There’s plenty of parking here, so it wasn’t difficult trying to find a spot.



We didn’t stay too long at Balanced Rock as the sun was going to set soon. We made our way to the Delicate Arch Trailhead so that we could do the initial hike in with a lot of sunlight.

Parking wasn’t so bad because it was already so late in the day. I was actually feeling really nervous at first to be hiking back after sunset, but I felt a bit better seeing that there were several groups going at the same time we were. The Delicate Arch hike was 3.5 miles round trip. I don’t actually think the hike was that bad! It was just humid & we’re both really out of shape. Lol.

There was a line of people waiting to take a photo with the arch, but there was also enough space for people to just sit & place their things.



We took some photos while the sun was still out & spent the rest of the time watching the sunset. Slowly, the amount of people started to dwindle.


It’s almost unbelievable how beautiful this place is 😍 It truly felt unreal. It seemed like I was sitting on another planet.



As the crowds started dwindling away after the sunset, Jeremiah & I stayed behind because I wanted to take photos of the milky way. I’ve always wanted to take more time to do the things I loved. One of those things is photography & I’m so glad I got that chance to do it in such a gorgeous national park.

We weren’t going to stay in the park if there wasn’t any people, but people actually started to slowly trail in as the sun went down & the stars started to show up.


It was difficult trying to get a photo of the milky way because so many people were flashing their lights, but I tried my best!


The hike back was a little difficult because it was so dark, so it’s a good thing we bought head lamps on Amazon! They definitely helped on the way back. We had never hiked in pitch black before & I was feeling so uneasy about it. However, seeing the other groups of people there calmed me down a bit.

Here are some souvenirs from our visit!

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset


  • Bring plenty of water! Our 32 oz. hydroflask wasn’t enough 🥵
  • Bring some food/snacks if you plan on staying in the park late past 10 PM like we did
  • Get to the park early to make the most out of all the views/stops along the way
  • If you’re staying in the park past sunset, bring a flashlight
  • Bring bug spray, especially during the summer months since there’s been a rise in mosquitoes
  • There’s little to no signal, so make sure you screenshot your maps or bring the brochure/map they provide when you enter

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