Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! How did your week go? I spent last weekend running errands because these next few weeks are going to be so busy for me. This weekend is finally going to be the start of the extremely hectic/busy part of my schedule 😭 But I know all the hard work I put in will be worth it in the end!


& now, my Friday Favorites of the week! Also, let me know in the comments what you really enjoyed this week 🤗


The Ringer & Bill Simmon’s “The Rewatchables” is one of my favorite movie podcasts. When I think of a re-watchable movie, I think of it in terms of watching it if I was scrolling through cable. Anyway, they just dropped an episode discussing the movie Mean Girls which you can listen to here. Also, what app do you use to listen to podcasts? Since I only got into them recently, I’ve always used the Apple Podcasts app, but I just converted to this other one called Overcast that Jeremiah had been suggesting since the very start of my subscriptions. So far, I really do like it. There are more options & settings than the generic Apple app. You can also clip certain parts of the podcasts & save them!!! This is a game changer for me because I’ve always wanted to bookmark certain parts of pods that I really enjoyed.

TV Show/Documentary

I haven’t been watching anything new since the start of Game of Thrones, but before it started, Jeremiah & I started watching The Punisher Season 2. I know it has been out on Netflix for a while, but we never got around to it. I think we’ll pick it up again after Game of Thrones ends.

Small Business

This week’s favorite small business shoutout is asiadraws ! I don’t know her personally, but I found her account on Instagram. I don’t remember how I found her account, but someone I follow must have featured her in an IG story. I ended up scrolling through her account & started following her because I thought her work was really good! I want to buy a piece from her to put up in my room or office.

Her IG can be found here: asiadraws

Her website can be found here: asiaellington

Here’s a piece she posted on IG that I recently liked!

50516760_1680846842016019_626039925449856243_n.jpg (1080×1350)

Meme of the Week

If you haven’t watched the most recent Game of Thrones episode (S8, E3), do not read past this! But I’m pretty sure everyone spoiled the episode an hour after it aired this past Sunday night.

However, I care about not spoiling things for people because I wouldn’t like to be spoiled myself. So, this is your spoiler warning from me.











This doesn’t give away much! There are so many memes to pick from. I love all the ones I have on Twitter, but this was one of the first that came up.


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