Easter Look


I know this post is late, but better late than never! I wish I had time to create more posts like my “Friday Favorites”. These next few weeks are going to be my busiest, so you most likely won’t see me blogging or posting much.

Anyway, I wanted to wear a pastel or light color for Easter this year.

This year, Jeremiah & I spent time with his family & mine. There are more kids in my family now, so my side held an Easter egg hunt for all the kids. Does anyone put money or coins in Easter eggs for the kids? I always felt like that was something that occurred when I was a kid. My family didn’t do that this year. I think we kind of just phased it out?


Last year for Easter, I filled up jars full of candy for all my nieces & nephews. If/when Jeremiah & I have kids, I hope some of my friends or cousins will also have kids by then so we can still do Easter egg hunts πŸ˜… My family only recently started doing it again these past few years.


What did you do for Easter this year? Do you have any traditions?

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