Over the weekend, Jeremiah & I saw Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton. I bought the tickets for Jeremiah back in October as an anniversary present since I knew we wouldn’t have time to celebrate our actual anniversary next month. Plus, he really wanted to see it 2 years ago, but they were sold out when we tried. Better late than never!

We stayed right in the heart of Union Square at The Westin St. Francis for just a night since we were already in the area for a project I had to do. We also didn’t want to drive all the way back home since the musical was going to end late.

We had quite some time to kill, so we ate at this bar called Fifth Arrow. They had board games & a bowling alley which kind of reminded me of this bar Jeremiah & I went to with our friends in Sacramento called “Punch Bowl Social”.

After some pizza & wine, we went back to our hotel to take a nap. I wanted to get a little nap in before Hamilton.

Jeremiah & I ended up walking to the Orpheum Theatre where the musical was being held since it was only 15 minutes our hotel. I did it in heels y’all!

Jeremiah & I have never been to this theatre, so we weren’t sure of the rules & restrictions with bags. I had a clear pouch, so they didn’t really check me.

They let you go in with your phone or camera, but absolutely no recording or taking photos during the performance, of course. It’s never allowed during plays or musicals we’ve been to, so we knew that already!

Jeremiah wanted to see it 2 years ago or with the original cast, but he still enjoyed this one nonetheless! 🤗

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