Monet: The Late Years

A few days ago my sister & I checked out the Monet exhibit at the De Young Museum in SF.

They exhibit is only here until end of May & it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in Monet’s work!

Monet was diagnosed with cataracts in 1912. He was left with only 10% of his vision in his left eye & was legally blind in his right. During this time, he began painting indoors on large canvases as opposed to his most notable work on smaller canvases that he would carry to his water lily pond.



The struggle from his eyesight hindered him from painting outdoors thus, Monet painted this collection by memory. As his vision worsened, he would often leave empty spaces in his work & create undefined brush strokes.


His art was almost unrecognizable compared to his prior notable works.


Monet underwent surgery around 1923 to restore his vision & returned to painting the next year.

I never knew this information or recall ever seeing his later work, but Iโ€™m glad my sister took me to the museum to learn about it. This collection looked so unlike his earlier pieces. You can tell how drastically his vision worsened around 1918-1923 ๐Ÿ˜ข


I wasn’t able to check out the rest of the museum, but it’s always been on my list! Hopefully sometime this summer.


โ€œMonet: The Late Years.โ€ De Young, 10 Apr. 2019,

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