Spring Has Sprung!

I was on the lookout for a nice spring dress to wear in May, but ended up with two pairs of nude heels πŸ™ˆ At least I’ll pair them with the new dress (that I have yet to find)!

Anyway, nude heels should be a staple in your closet. I think you should always have at least one pair of white & nude heels…& several black heels. Lol. Prior to this purchase, I only had one pair of nude heels that are ankle-strapped stilettos, so I wanted to get a chunkier nude heel. It would definitely be useful for outdoor weddings during the Spring & Summer. I also wanted a thicker heel for more stability & balance, if I intend to walk a bit.

I personally love to pair nude heels with pastel colored tops/blouses, a floral romper, or light washed denim jeans during the Spring/Summer time.

Here are some examples I put together:

Spring Tops Outfit | ShopLook

Spring Rompers Outfit | ShopLook

Also, here are some looks I like on Pinterest:

Spring Outfit | Nude Heels | Pink Dress | Houston Fashion Blogger Lady in Violet
#spring #outfits woman holding damier azur Louis Vuitton leather tote bag. Pic by @macystucke
nude chunky heels with shorts and white blazer

Are nude heels a staple in your closet? Let me know below in the comments! What do you love pairing nude heels with?

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