Hurt Wrist

Jeremiah & I finally went snowboarding today! 🏂 We have passes to the ski resort that we bought ahead of time to use for the two trips we had planned this year. Unfortunately, both fell through, so we really wanted to use our passes as soon as possible before the season ends.

After snowboarding, we had dinner at Sushi Q & the food was good. They didn’t have imitation crab though, so Jeremiah couldn’t really eat anything 😔 We just shared a plate of short ribs & he got a fish roll.

After dinner, we grabbed Tea Culture on the way home. The inside is cute!

I hurt my wrist pretty bad during snowboarding, so I’m icing it tonight. It wouldn’t be a trip without me getting hurt at least once! I can’t turn my wrist a certain way, but it’s not broken. If it was, I’m sure I would’ve cried about it. I think I just sprained it?

Anyway, we’re watching The Matrix for the rest of the night! I’ll post our time at the ski resort tomorrow!

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