Museum of 3D Illusions

Over the weekend Jeremiah & I checked out the Museum of 3D Illusions that opened up in San Francisco. It doesn’t seem to be as popular as the other pop-up art museums/installations that have been coming to SF like the Museum of Ice Cream, Color Factory, Candytopia, 29 Rooms, etc.

My sister had visited the museum when it was in LA & mentioned that it does seem to have less popularity than the other ones she had experienced & heard of.


You can buy tickets online through their website & they also have deals for students, teachers, seniors, military, etc. To purchase the tickets with the discount, you have to purchase them in person at their front desk.

Also, expect parking to suck as it is right across Pier 39 which is one of SF’s popular tourist spots.

Jeremiah & I wanted the discount, so once we arrived to the museum, we were told we had to wait in a separate line which was the “walk-in” line versus the other line for visitors who had already pre-purchased their ticket. If you’re in the walk-in line, the pre-purchased ticket holders go in first & of course this makes sense, however, they wouldn’t let anyone in the walk-in line go in to speak to someone at the front desk unless there was enough space? This was a little upsetting & confusing because we didn’t mind coming back at a different scheduled time if only we were able to apply the discount for purchase & we weren’t allowed to see the front desk to purchase a ticket until everyone in the other line walks in?

There also isn’t a cap on the max amount of tickets you’re allowed to purchase which would explain the overcrowding.

It seems to be unorganized when checking visitors in. There were only 2 people checking in & 2 people taking photos for visitors inside, which doesn’t seem like it’s enough for the amount of visitors that were lined up & inside?

Once Jeremiah & I were finally able to get in, it did take some time trying to get our photos in considering how small of a space it was & the amount of people they were letting in.

There should be a time constraint on how long visitors are allowed to spend in each room with the amount of people they were letting in for example, the Sprinkle Pool at the Museum of Ice Cream. There is a time constraint to move crowds at Museum of Ice Cream & it allows everyone a chance to get their photo.

We tried our best with what little space we had in each room.


Most of the 3D art had sample pictures posted on the walls, but they were so small in 4×6 picture frames that you would barely recognize that they were even there. The two workers that were taking photos of & for the visitors were really helpful though! They would navigate & direct you on how to pose! There just weren’t enough of them!

We didn’t have help here though as you can see we did this photo wrong 😂


Ever seen a brown Filipina Barbie? Now you can!


We wanted to try taking photos with some of the wall art, but since there were only two employees working inside, we skipped some like this ketchup & fries wall below.


& some of the wall art was confusing like the photo below which is why I mentioned it was helpful when an employee stopped to help navigate or show you how to pose.


The building one is probably the one photo we really got “right” 😂


This wall kind of reminded me of a stage in Super Smash Bros.


Jeremiah didn’t want to take phots with some of the walls like this snake one for example 😂🐍


Who else got that Southwest Hawaii deal? 🍹🌺


One of the employees helped us with this photo! This was taken in a small room so we weren’t sure what to do or how to pose. Thankfully the employee helped us because I like the way it turned out.


This is probably my favorite one because I look so evil smiling 🙃


Jeremiah & I took more photos with the zombie wall, but we didn’t like how any of them turned out. We felt we were being rushed as people kept walking & waiting around this area.


This one was pretty cool because it looks like we’re going up the stairs in Hogwarts or something.


I tried to look like how I normally look during my commute 😴


Jeremiah looking like he’s jumping out of a plane was way better than mine!


Overall, the idea of making photos appear more than what they seem is very fun, but we both don’t think it is worth the $25 to get in. It has potential, but there are so many cons.

  • Improve visitor check-ins
    • Eliminate “walk-ins”
    • Allow visitors to buy discounted tickets at front desk for a schedule time slot
  • Improve overcrowding
    • Put a cap on how many tickets can be purchased per transaction
    • Put a max amount of visitors per scheduled time slot
    • A time limit per room
      • Example: Museum of Ice Cream’s Sprinkle Pool
      • Example: 29 Rooms
  • Increase amount of employees
    • should be more than 2 people checking visitors in (checking tickets, checking time slot on tickets, providing information to visitors waiting in line, answering questions, etc.)
    • should be more than 2 people in the museum assisting visitors with photos or helping to decrease overcrowding per room

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