Spring Forward

With Daylight Savings, we lost an hour of sleep! 😭
I spent the day working, but yesterday I actually went out. It was my Dad’s death anniversary yesterday & every year I turn off my phone notifications & kind of just lay low. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to just stay home & be by myself or go out, but I decided to go out last minute to check out this new pop-up museum in SF called 3D Illusions. I’ll post on that later.

I’ve been pretty busy lately & super stressed with meeting deadlines, but I’m managing. It’s just a ton of saying, “No” unfortunately, but I really don’t want to result in burnout. I’m trying to take better care of myself & mental health & I’ve always tried to be open & honest lately about how that’s always been a challenge for me.

Anyway, Jeremiah & I recently watched Captain Marvel in theaters & we thought it was a good origin storyline. We’re just so excited for Avengers: End Game. Jeremiah also started his Game of Thrones re-watch which he watches the entire series over. He does it every time before a new season comes out. Right now we’re on season 3 while we’re making hot pot for dinner 🥘

Have a good evening!

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