“Our enemy doesn’t tire, it doesn’t stop, it doesn’t feel.”

The Game of Thrones season 8 trailer dropped a few days ago & I am so stoked! I’m excited, but also sad at the same time because it’s going to be the final season.


Now, for discussion! Jeremiah & I are anticipating so much to happen, so we discussed some questions below:

What are you hoping to happen in the last GoT season?

J: I think they’re going to lose the battle of Winterfell.

Me: So many people are going to die! I’m mentally preparing myself for it now. I think they’re going to lose the battle of Winterfell too, but win the “final battle”.

J: Yeah, me too.

Do you have any theories of who will end up on the throne?

J: I think it’s Jon. It would be too good of an ending if it’s both Dany & Jon

Me: Jon. What if there just won’t be a throne at the end though?

J: It’s possible. Maybe Jon will start a democracy of some sort.

Who do you think will die?

J: Cersei, guaranteed. I think Jorah is dying. Probably Daenerys?

Me: Why?

J: Well, how can she be a ruler if I’m picking Jon to be? I don’t see how she could still be alive. Maybe she’ll sacrifice herself or something. I guess that makes sense. She works the entire series to get to the throne & she sacrifices herself to save the people.

Me: Definitely Jorah & Beric. It looks like Greyworm is going to die by the looks of it in the trailer. I feel like Brienne is going to die too. Probably by sacrificing herself to save Jaime or something. I feel like they’ve always had this special bond or friendship, so it would make sense if she would do that. Cersei is definitely dying. I’m still holding onto the theory that Jaime is going to be the one to kill Cersei. If any of the Stark children were to die, I’d say it would be Bran? I feel like I’m just saying that because it could be Arya, but I really don’t want her to die. Lol. Tormund will probably die too.

Which character(s) would you be emotional about if he/she died?

J: I’d be pretty sad if Arya dies.

Me: Same

J: I don’t want Tormund to die.

Me: Okay. Anyone else?

J: Brienne maybe? I think that’d be sad. What about you?

Me: Jorah, Brienne, & Arya.

Trailer discussion:

So what do you think Arya is running from in the trailer?

J: Nymeria, turned into a wight.

Me: Arya isn’t scared of anything, so I’m assuming a White Walker since she’s never seen one? Nymeria is a good theory too! She could be scared & also saddened that it’s someone she cares about.

Varys looks scared in the crypt. Do you think he’s going to die?

J: I think the crypts will be attacked, yeah. But I don’t think he will die.

Me: I don’t think he’ll die either, but yes, I do think they’ll be attacked. It seems like the Night King & his army are one step ahead. Looks like they may already be in the crypt & no one knows that yet.

That scene with Jon & Dany on horses, do you think they’re arriving in Winterfell or leaving?

J: Arriving

Me: Wouldn’t they arrive on the dragons?

J: No, I don’t think Jon learns to ride on the dragon until later.

Me: Sansa sees the dragons for the first time!!!!! SHOOKETH

What do you think Gendry is doing?

J: Making weapons.

Me: No Valyrian steel?

J: (sighs) I agree with Jason, it would be too much of a cheat if they figured it out.

Me: So you don’t think they’re going to make Valyrian steel at all?

J: No, I don’t think so.

What’s up with Cersei & her drinking wine?

J: Looks like she knows she’s about to lose, so she’s just like f- it, I’m going to drink some wine.

Me: Do you think she just lost the baby & maybe that’s why she’s drinking wine?

J: I would assume she’s drinking & she already lost the baby at that point because she didn’t drink in Season 7 when she knew she was pregnant.

The Hound! Is Clegane bowl finally happening?

J: Yeah, of course.

Me: Do you think the Hound will die?

J: No, I think he wins.

Jon is going to ride Rhaegal!




There is so much we discussed from the trailer such as theories about the Winterfell crypts, but we don’t want to go into depth too much & be disappointed! Since its the very last season, we really just want to go into it & enjoy it.

What about you? Answer the questions above, below in the comments section!

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