When The Weather Isn’t On Your Side

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What should’ve been a fun weekend in the snow with the kids ended up being a total bust.

I feel awful about

  1. how the weekend went
  2. being sick in bed with a really bad fever
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We all ended up being stuck on the mountain for 10 hours because of accidents that kept occurring. We stopped by Sacramento to get our snowboards & food. Once we got there, we looked at our maps & it said it would take 3-4 hours to get to Tahoe, which ended up being a totally false because of all the accidents that kept happening. I think one of the reasons traffic was flowing real slow was because cars were driving in one lane when there were two.

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Once we finally got to the house, we unloaded & played in the snow for a bit.

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We didn’t get the chance to go snowboarding because by the time we arrived, it was already too late & the traffic was just too ridiculous to go through all over again.


We all had fun playing in the front yard with the snow & sled at least.


Of course I feel absolutely awful with how the weekend went because I really wanted another family outing like the one we had many years ago. I bet to the ones that didn’t go are thinking, “Glad I didn’t go!” & you’re probably right. & to the ones that did go, I bet you’re thinking, “I’m never going on a big family trip again.” & you’re probably right too.

One of my cousin’s mentioned that we should have a family trip here in the summer since we all can’t deal with snow & I kind of laughed it off because after this, I don’t think anyone wants to ever do a family trip again & I feel really bad about that. Jeremiah is really positive about it though because he knows I feel awful. He said, “We didn’t know the weather was going to be like this months ago when we booked it. What can we do?” & for one thing, he’s right, but I still can’t help but feel awful. Since my sister & cousin have little kids, I felt super bad that they had to go through all that. I still told Jeremiah that we don’t know what it’s like to have kids & be stuck on a mountain for that many hours with kids.

We went to Tahoe with Jeremiah’s friends in January 2016 & it wasn’t that bad. It took us 5 hours to get there from the Bay Area, not 10 hours.

We went to Tahoe with my friends in January 2017 & it was actually hot that we didn’t need to wear too many layers.

But this trip. the largest one with my family & the little kids, of course it had to be a bust. Maybe a summer trip would be better so everyone can swim in the lake, but I’m not betting my chances on my family ever wanting to go on a trip ever again 😔

Anyway, once we got home, my body ended up feeling so bad. I had this raging headache & it is the worst I’ve ever felt. It was just pounding. I took two advils last night & my headache wasn’t so bad anymore. Once I woke up this morning, it had gotten worse! I couldn’t get up because every time I did, my headache was pounding. I’ve never experienced a headache this bad before. I also ended up getting a fever & sore throat so I’ve been in bed the whole day. Jeremiah bought Nyquil & cuties for me. Since I’ve been in bed all day, we also started watching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. It’s a show from a comic book of kids that have super powers. I’m always interested in shows with super powers.

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