Valentine’s Day 2019

This year Jeremiah & I really didn’t have anything planned for Valentine’s Day & we agreed a couple of months ago that we will not do presents for each other since we have other things we want to save up for.

I feel like as the years pass, the “holiday” starts to become more irrelevant? Of course the first few years we always did something like give each other presents or have a date planned, but we really didn’t have anything this year. I think as the years pass, flowers & a card is okay with us. We just want to spend time together even if it means staying in to watch a movie.

We still got each other a card! I always look forward to any kind of card I get from anyone. I think it’s really meaningful. I already had planned what I wanted to write in Jeremiah’s card for a while now. We have ideas for next year 😂

So all we had planned for the evening was watch a movie & eat Din Tai Fung that we got to-go. We set the projector up in the living room. We also wanted to test it out just one more time before the weekend since we will be using it with other people.

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