Revamped the Blog!

I did a revamp to this blog as I spent my weekend exporting my blog from one hosting site to another. I got an email from Google last week or two weeks ago that they will be shutting down Google Plus & that includes ALL of the photos in Google Album Archive, so yup, that’s all the photos you would have uploaded into a blogspot post. I meant to look this info up when I got the email, but I never got around to it until this weekend. It’s a good thing I looked it up because everything in Google Plus & your Album Archive will be deleted in April. I had to export everything out. I was having so much anxiety over losing everything. I’ve imported my old Xanga into Blogspot, so I had everything in my online diary from 2005. I had the time when my grandma passed away, my nieces & nephews pictures, Jeremiah & I’s memories, when my dad was in the hospital & passed away…everything. It’s my life. I was so anxious about it while I was exporting all of my photos from 2005 that are tied to their posts. I am so upset that Google is doing that.
Since importing on a new hosting site, a ton of posts probably don’t look the same in formatting & the blog layout is different, but I have to work with what I have under this plan. I really liked Blogspot & what kept me on it for so many years was also the customization in layouts. It really taught me some basic coding & HTML. If I didn’t choose the career path I have now, I would’ve wanted to do something in website developing or coding.

Since I spent time exporting my blog into a new host site, I made it private until I was able to fix most of the links & layout options. If there is anything that you see as an error or not working, please do let me know & I will see if I can fix it. Leave me a comment below! I know some things will not be the same since it is on a new host & there won’t be anything I can do about it, but I’d still like to try.

Anyway, enjoy the photo of me in my ear muffs. Even though there is some sun shining here in the Bay, it still get so cold! 🥶

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