A new pop-up art museum/installation came up in the Bay Area sometime in December. My sister told Jeremiah & I about it, but we were so busy that we didn’t start researching about it until the new year started.

There are two exhibits & a lounge inside of Onedome. One of the exhibits is called “The Unreal Garden” which is a VR experience & the other one is called “LMNL” which is an immersive labyrinth of digital art. In order to see both of the exhibits, you had to purchase a separate ticket for each. Our group didn’t purchase a ticket to the “Unreal Garden”, as we’ve heard from a few people that it was underwhelming or disappointing. We were able to purchase our LMNL tickets for a cheaper price on Groupon than the one listed on their website. It could just be a promo for now, but I still say to check if it’s still up.
The estimated time in the exhibit is 2 hours & because it is timed entry, be there early at your allotted ticket time!
They also have lockers upon entering the LMNL experience if you don’t want to lug your bags around the museum.

Upon entering, you are already welcomed with a gorgeous mural & little treehouse surrounded by a small pool of water.


The lounge is located just before entering the LMNL experience. The restrooms are located to the left of the lounge. The lounge not only has drinks, but has souvenirs as well. I didn’t take a look at it, but Jeremiah did.


The first room we entered was Hybycozo which was stunning, but has the possibility of making one dizzy, as some of the art can be moved by visitors.
Because of the moving pieces, it will surely make you feel like the room was spinning, but I love how beautiful & intricate the lanterns looked.

Vincent Houze “Fluid Structures”

The next room we entered was Fluid Structures. If you move your arms, the “water” in the digital screen will move too.

Kuflex “Luminous Ocean”

The next room we checked out was Luminous Ocean. It sort of had the same concept as Fluid Structures. The shape of your body will form in the screen.

Matt Elson “Infinity Boxes”

They have a few of these Infinity Boxes in the Dimensionalization room. It was actually quite intriguing & fun to do with another person. On one end, one person will look through the box & on the other end, someone else will look through the boxes & it will look like an infinite number of faces.

Darel Carey “Dimensionalization”

The Dimensionalization room reminded me of 29 Rooms because they too had a wall that looked a little similar to this.

Dave & Gabe “Push”

After Dimensionalization, there was another small room called Lynchini. It’s a small room next to an elevator. It was occupied at the time, so we didn’t check it out.

This room called Push was pretty interesting. Different sounds will flow depending on what screen you push.

Design I/O “Funky Forest”

This room felt more playful, especially for kids. You can move the displayed logs on the floor that will effect the flowing digital water.

Onedome Artist Collective “Enchanted Glade”

The Enchanted Glade was another room next to Funky Forest & we decided to skip it. There are only two chairs, so the wait time could take a while if everyone wants to experience it.

Gabriel Pulecio “Tiles of Virtual Space”

This room had the longest line because of how small the space was, only a limited number of people could get in at a time. You have to stand vertically in here & wave your arms around for the lights to change. We didn’t understand that until our time was up. You’re only allowed about 3 minutes in here.

B-Reel “Prana”

This was the next room to have the longest line. Each person is allowed only 30 seconds to enter through the Prana. Since the lights constantly change, it’s quite difficult trying to get the “perfect” lighting for a photo. You could wait in line again to try & get the best photo, but it’s really difficult to time it correctly. I’ve heard of other museums having better light experiences like the Pace Gallery, the LACMA, or Wonderspaces.

Storylab Interactive “The Cube/Intergalactic”

This was one of the last rooms of the LMNL experience. It is also similar to the other rooms we previously visited. The lights in the screen change depending on your body movement. If you wave your hands or feet around, watch how the light changes on the screen & on the floor.

I’m not exactly sure which room is this one, but it seemed like nothing really changed in here or had guests being able to interact with it. We all thought the flowers would move or change if we moved our arms or hands around, but we didn’t see anything.
Overall, I’d have to say this pop-up art museum/installation was pretty underwhelming. We were told the estimated time we would spend here would be 2 hours & maybe that is the case for people with children because it seemed more family-friendly. We were able to complete it an an hour. I also feel like this place is more video/vlogger friendly because of how different all of the lighting is, it’s a challenge trying to get the photo you want.

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