It’s FriYAY

I’m so happy it’s Friday! This week felt long for some reason, but it has been quite nice since it felt calm. I like to say that it’s the “calm before the storm”. I really wanted to post more this week while I had the time & week has been slow, but something happened with my right eye. It started getting really red & itchy two days ago & I’ve never experienced that before. I’m not sure if a vein popped or I scratched it, but it was so itchy. My eyes are glued to a screen basically the whole day, so I’m not sure if my eyes are strained. I tried to stay off the screen during the evenings which is why I haven’t updated. Anyway, I started putting eyedrops & so far it has been helping. I’ve been putting eyedrops 4x a day. I was thinking of going to the doctor to get it checked if it didn’t go away or there was no improvement, but since it is doing way better today & is less red, I think I will wait.

Anyway, Jeremiah & I had plans tonight to attempt to cook a Gordon Ramsay burger called the “Tilly Burger” since we had seen it on Masterchef Junior & have a movie night in, but my sister just invited us over to her house for the evening. I’m not sure what we will decide since we already had plans. I’m waiting for Jeremiah to pick me up, so we will talk about it then.

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