Graduation Photo Shoot

Graduation Photo Shoot

Last year, I was asked to do a graduation photo shoot. Needless to say, I was ecstatic! 😭 We had to reschedule it twice because of the fires & air quality that the Bay Area was experiencing in November. The only time that worked for us was the first day of December & it poured β˜”️ Although it was challenging (I had never done a shoot in the rain), I still enjoyed it πŸ–€
Also, never be afraid to have fun during shoots! It’s always okay to be honest with your photographer about what you want to do (yes, even if it’s extra). & if the photographer has a vision of what a client should/could do, they should always ask if the client is comfortable with it. I think it’s important to build these kinds of relationships between client & photographer. It’s important for both parties to be transparent with each other, so both parties can achieve what they’re looking for.
It was challenging trying to do a photo shoot in the rain, but I absolutely loved every single moment of it. I love learning to improve my craft & challenging myself in areas I find difficult.
I wish I had the right words to express how grateful I am when people trust me to do something like this. Thank you so much for believing in my work, for trusting me—-it means everything.

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