Museum of Ice Cream: Pinkmas

Museum of Ice Cream: Pinkmas

Before the year ended, Jeremiah & I went to the Museum of Ice Cream with his family as a gift to his parents from us.
We thought it was going to be exactly like our first visit, but it was very different.
To enter, you go through the gift shop instead of walking down the stairs to the ice cream vault.
The first thing we encountered was the sprinkle pool, & then we worked our way backwards to a new room filled with pink & green leaves.
I’m not exactly sure what this room was about, but they handed out chocolate.
& right after the “leaves” room, we entered the unicorn/disco ball room. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it felt so much smaller than the first time. I’m not sure if they changed the size of the rooms?
Right after the unicorn room, we walked into a room that had ice cream. I feel like this is a room that was similar to our first experience.
They added this new hallway with lights that lead to the cotton candy room.
& onto a room that had candles that we could make our “New Years wishes” with.

& towards the end, we entered the diner that served hot chocolate. It was too sweet in my opinion. Last time we were here, they served ice cream?

& lastly, the room with the swings! It was very different this time because they only had one swing & you can create your own “ornament” with an ice cream lid & hang it up on their Christmas trees.
Overall, this experience was a big let down. I felt that our first experience far exceeded our expectations. I thought that the museum experience would be the same the second time around, just with Christmas decorations. They are probably doing construction to add different rooms, but I’d say the Museum of Ice Cream: Pinkmas is a hard pass. I’d wait until the Christmas theme is over & maybe they’ll add more rooms or completely change it.

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