Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Once we landed back in the Bay Area, we headed straight to Jeremiah’s parents house to spend Christmas Eve with his family. Not everyone was able to make it of course, but I’m glad I got to see some of his side.
I’m so happy that we did Secret Santa this year because we normally do white elephant. It was nice that we had something different for a change. We also used which is so useful when doing gift exchanges.
I loved what I got! More film, a new funko, & cables for when I travel 😊
& this year, Jeremiah got me Minnie Mouse pajamas, Game of Thrones socks, & my favorite chocolate as my Christmas box.
He also got me Mickey Mouse vans.
& the most surprising present!
A Leica!!!!!! My very first Leica! I honestly didn’t want nor expected anything since we spent most of the year traveling, but this was definitely a surprise.
A blurry photo of us in our onesies from Christmas Eve πŸ€— We were supposed to do a onesie theme for Christmas Eve, but there was a miscommunication. Maybe next year! These onesies were comfortable too.

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