New York (Day 4)

New York (Day 4)

Our last real day in New York was spent doing more tourist-y things. I wish we could’ve stayed more days, but hopefully our next trip out in New York will be longer.

Radio City Music Hall

I wanted to check out Radio City Music Hall during the day to see how different it looked. I think my mom & dad took a picture here in the daytime, years ago, so I wanted to do that too.

Top of the Rock Observation Deck

Jeremiah & I actually planned to visit this place during our first day in New York, but because it rained on the first day, we had to move it to our last day & cut out a visit to the World Trade Center.
The directions to get to the top are super confusing & because there were so many people & very little employees to ask for directions, it took us a while to figure out where to go.
You can only get to the top during the time slot you had a reservation for. I’m glad that Jeremiah & I were able to do this because we thought about skipping it with what few days we had here. Jeremiah had never been so I’m glad he got to experience something new.
There are different tiers for different views, so go up the escalators if you want a higher angle from the lower deck.

Rockefeller Center

I really, really, really wanted to skate at the Rockefeller Center’s ice rink. It has literally been on my bucket list since my Tumblr days, but we unfortunately didn’t get a chance to. To ice skate here, it is first come first serve, no reservations. By the time we arrived, the line wrapped around multiple buildings. We didn’t want to waste our day standing in line & plus, I would be the only one enjoying it seeing as Jeremiah’s doesn’t know how to ice skate. He did promise that I will eventually get to do it someday.
He also carried me on his shoulders in order for me to get the next 2 shots 😭

I love how everything is beautifully decorated during the holidays 😍

The American Museum of Natural History

I was super hyped to go here ever since Jeremiah told me about it 2-3 years ago? When I mentioned that I wanted to visit a museum with dinosaur fossils, he said the one in New York is slated to be the best for that. After visiting the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History a couple of years ago which had dinosaur fossils & is probably one of my favorite museums ever, I knew this one in New York had to be bigger & better & IT. WAS.
This museum is so huge that we sadly didn’t get to see all of it. Jeremiah promised that the next time we visit, I get to spend the whole day here if I wanted.
There are a ton of kids & students in the museum, so I guess don’t go into it expecting it to be a breeze to get through. It does get crowded & more so if you go later in the day like we did.

This dinosaur was so huge it couldn’t fit in the room…or my photo.

My nephew loves dinosaurs & I wish we could have a Natural History Museum in the Bay Area so he could see fossils & models like these in person.

So question…can the Bay Area have a Natural History Museum???? I would love that. Museums are fun & educational. I could spend the whole day here reading all of the plaques.

Central Park

After the American Museum of Natural History, we walked through Central Park. It is as big as everyone says (TWSS πŸ™ƒ).

The “Friends”Fountain

This is said to be the “Friends” fountain in the opening credit scene, but actually
1) doesn’t look anything like it
2) the real one was taken inside of the Warner Bros. studio when they shot the opening Friends credit scene
3) the more similar replica of the fountain is said to be in Boston, Massachusetts
Sad to say, the visit to this fountain was pretty underwhelming!

Bow Bridge

The next stop that wasn’t on our list, but was on the way to our next stop was Bow Bridge. I’m sure you’ve seen it in a ton of movies & TV shows.
It actually started to get really gloomy around this time, so I heavily edited the photos of it to make it look more warm & Autumn-like.
Reminder for 2019, cut my hair.

Bethesda Terrace & Fountain

The other famous fountain we visited in Central Park was the Bethesda Fountain. Neither of the fountains were filled with water, so look at how sad it looked 😒
I’m sure you’ve seen the Bethesda Terrance in many, many movies & TV shows. The only ones at the top of my head right now due to recency bias is Home Alone & Gossip Girl.
Street performers inside of the terrace. Oh! This is something Jeremiah mentioned during the whole trip: the lack of street performers. He said during his first visit, there were more street performers on the street & in the subway. During this visit, we had only seen two. Over the years, I also got the idea that street performers are everywhere in New York since I always see it over the internet. What’s up with that? 🧐

Balto Statue

Another spot we visited that wasn’t on our list, but we were near to was the Balto Statue. I didn’t actually think of this nor do I remember it being in New York, but Jeremiah mentioned it the first day & I said we should probably check it out.
The movie was one of my favorites as a kid. So much so that I actually named a stuffed animal wolf after it. & yes, I still own that stuffed animal wolf to this day πŸ˜‚There are a couple of pictures of me as a kid holding it on a family vacation to Canada years ago & I thought of posting that, but I don’t want to embarrass myself anymore than I already am by explaining it.

Horse Carriages around New York

I didn’t actually think these horse carriages were real for some reason? I thought it was always just fake & done only for the movies, but nope they’re real! It seems romantic & nice for when you don’t want to walk through Central Park anymore because your feet are tired, but it’s about $107+ for a ride.

After Central Park, we made our way to The Plaza Hotel.

The Plaza Hotel

The original plan was to have tea at The Plaza, but apparently you need reservations to do so & by the time we looked into it, it was too late.
Eloise at Christmas Time is a movie I watch every year during the holidays which is the main reason why I wanted to go here. It would always play on ABC Family (back when it was still called ABC Family).
They did have a cute shop inside of The Plaza as well as other little shops & dining.

Unfortunately, it’s mostly catered to kids (of course, understandable), but I wish they would expand their souvenirs in terms of magnets, pins, & keychains. It’s incredibly over priced, but well, what can I expect…everything in New York is, right?

Before leaving The Plaza, we had pizza at one of the dining spots inside because we were starving.

Back to the Rockefeller Center

We thought that with hours passed & it being the night before Christmas Eve, the Rockefeller Center ice skating rink link would let up. It didn’t. We just decided that we would have to come back another time!
After checking out The Rockefeller Center for the 2nd time, we finally decided to eat & call it a day!
Some souvenirs from the day πŸ€—

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