New York ( Day 3)

New York (Day 3)

The Empire State Building

The first stop of the day was checking out the Empire State Building. Jeremiah had mentioned prior to the trip that we should get here early due to the long line. We arrived an hour later than we planned, but the line wasn’t bad at all! Jeremiah made it sound like a big deal if we weren’t there when it opened. He said the line took more than 2 hours during his first experience.
I had to take a photo with the Minnie Mouse board of course!
Once we finally reached the top, we checked out some of the exhibits before making our way to the observation deck.
They have all these plaques around that detail the Empire State Building’s history.
Once we finally made it out to the deck, we took a ton of photos, but sadly there was a building under construction blocking the view of central park, so that kind of sucked 😔 I’m still glad we were able to see everything & that it didn’t take much of our time to get to the top.

On The Way to Madison Square Garden

Because going to the Empire State Building didn’t take as long as we expected, it gave us some wiggle room to do other things on our list like visit Madison Square Garden.
Eventually Jeremiah would like to watch at least one game at Madison Square Garden. Of course we thought of incorporating that into the trip, but with what little time we had & with so much on our list, we couldn’t make it happen. We definitely want to make another trip out here in the future where we can do that & many other things on our list.

On the way to Brooklyn

Brooklyn has always been one of the boroughs that you just have to visit when you’re in New York. In general, there’s always just going to be so much to do & see in NYC. You hear so many horror stories about the subways in New York, but, frankly, I enjoyed it. It’s so convenient to get to places without really having to hop on & hop off like I do in the Bay Area.

Brooklyn Bridge

The first stop in Brooklyn was the Brooklyn Bridge! It was a little confusing trying to figure out how to get on the bridge to walk on it, but if you know how to use your smartphone’s map & read signs, I think you’ll be fine.
One of the things to be mindful about, especially if you’re a tourist, is the pathway on the bridge. There are clear signs that one side of the bridge is for walking & the other side is for biking. The locals will yell at you if you’re in the way. We didn’t get yelled at, but we did see it happen to other people & all we knew was that we didn’t want to be those other people.


The next stop was trying to find the famous location where Dan Humphrey resided in the CW’s TV show “Gossip Girl“. At least, that’s what I know it as being most famous for & I’m sure there are several other reasons why it is a popular tourist location.
After roaming down our list of places to visit, we finally had time to eat! We had lunch at Di Fara Pizza which I listed here on my New York Eats post.

Leaving Brooklyn

After lunch, we grabbed dessert at Milk & Cream in Manhattan’s Little Italy. Jeremiah mentioned that New York’s “true” Little Italy is located in Brooklyn & is still on our list of places to visit whenever we do come back.

Washington Square Park

Jeremiah wanted to visit this park because of the arch, but also because it’s one of the locations where old men play chess like in movies, however, we didn’t see any of that here. Maybe Jeremiah got the park wrong? Not sure, but we did check out the Washington Square Arch. It reminded both of us of the arches we saw in Europe this past summer.

There was also a man playing piano in the middle of the park. Now this felt very much like the New York I was expecting! I’ve seen videos on the internet over the years of random performers in New York such as this, so it was cool to finally see in person.

On the way to the Flatiron Building

The last thing on our list to do before heading to our evening broadway show was to visit the Flatiron Building.

Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop

On the way to the Flatiron Building, we stumbled upon this Fujifilm store that was dreamy! I have been a fan of their products since Jeremiah gifted me my first instax. It was the first camera he had ever purchased for me, years ago on our very first anniversary.
I wish I had taken more photos of the store, but from what I can remember, not only did they sell their products but, there was also a photo booth, products for home decor, a printing station, & a crafting station to make albums of your instax photos. I wish we could’ve spent more time in there, but we didn’t have much left.

Flatiron Building

We intended to catch the Flatiron Building during the day time, but with the sun setting so early in the Winter, we weren’t able to catch it in the sunlight. We still got to see it nonetheless, so I guess that’s better than nothing!

Anastasia on Broadway

Of course we couldn’t go to New York & NOT see a show on broadway. Prior to the trip, we really couldn’t decide what we wanted to see because of time constraint. We really wanted to see Harry Potter & the Cursed Child, but the show has two parts & is about 4 hours long. We really wanted to see the show, but it would’ve taken out a big chunk of our time, so we decided we’ll see it whenever it comes around to the Bay Area. The next choice on our list was Wicked, but no seats were available for the time we wanted to go (it was also pricey). So, we went onto our next choice which was Anastasia. The film is one of my favorite holiday movies. Although we both really wanted to see Harry Potter & the Cursed Child or Wicked, Anastasia was still pretty great. The lead female actress absolutely killed her performance. The lead male Cody Simpson is probably more notable though considering he was an actor on some TV show, but I can’t recall. I just know his name sounds familiar.

Times Square

& of course, the visit to Times Square!
It is as busy & crowded as people say. We did not go back here for the remainder of the trip. It gave me so much anxiety being around so many people doing so many different things all at once. That said, we didn’t stay long.

Radio City Music Hall

Watching The Rockettes is on every list of things to do in New York, but we didn’t watch it. I asked Jeremiah why he had never considered it & he said it “felt very old school”. I don’t think I really know what that means, but maybe we’ll see it when we’re older, I don’t know!

Giant Ornaments on Sixth Avenue

Jeremiah & I stumbled upon these big red ornaments on Sixth Avenue right across Radio City Music Hall.
After Radio City Music Hall, we ate at a diner since I was starving! This day was full of walking & subway rides, so we were both happy to finally give our feet some rest at the end of the day.

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