New York Eats

New York Eats

Here are the places we ate at in New York! We didn’t really get to explore much on the “foodie” side. Jeremiah noted that since I’ve never been to New York before, this trip was more focused on doing the tourist things instead of trying out different food spots. Hopefully, whenever we go back again, we will be able to try more places!


We found out about this place through Instagram, so we thought to try it out. They’re known for their Lox bagel (which actually was pretty good), but I wouldn’t say there was anything special about it.

Xi’an Famous Foods

If I’m remembering the name of this place correctly, I think it was called Xi’an. This was also a highly rated place on Yelp & also a place I’ve seen people going to on Instagram. It was good, but too spicy for my taste 😭

Di Fara’s Pizza

After walking on the Brooklyn Bridge & taking photos around Dumbo, we finally had time for lunch. We took a subway to another part of Brooklyn to eat pizza at Di Fara‘s.
This place was actually on Jeremiah’s food list. It was recommended by The Ringer’s & one of our favorite podcaster’s Jason Concepion here on their website. & it definitely didn’t disappoint! It’s the best pizza we’ve ever had. In the middle of me eating the pizza, I started to tear up because the pizza was so good & I didn’t want it to end. Jeremiah said that he started getting sad while he was eating his pizza because he was almost done. Yes, it is that good.
The wait time is pretty bad, but we both thought it was well worth the wait. Jason did mention in The Ringer‘s post that the original owner will sometimes come by & make the pizza which do end up taking some time because of how old he is πŸ˜… From what Jeremiah told me, some of the people making his pizzas are his kids, but I don’t know for sure. It’s nice going into these hole-in-the-walls or mom-&-pop shops that deliver such great quality.

Milk & Cream

After lunch, we had to head back to Manhattan because we had a broadway show to catch during the evening. With a little time to squeeze in, we had dessert at Milk & Cream.

I didn’t like what I made, but I liked Jeremiah’s. I think I didn’t mix the right things together, but I’m sure if I did I would’ve enjoyed it πŸ˜”

Black Sushi

For dinner, we found an udon place a little more near to the broadway theater we were going to. We didn’t have much time left, so we know we needed something quick with no lines & we happened to stumble upon this place that had a restroom, no lines, & was still good!

Dressed Up Bar

Jeremiah & I walked into this bar because we were hungry & we assumed the restaurant would still be open, but there wasn’t any host to speak to when we walked in. Once we waited around for a while & still no employee in sight, we decided to leave & find some other place to eat.

Times Square Diner & Grill

I was starving, so we ate at Times Square Bar & Grill because it was one of the only things open late & close to where we were at the time. It was good!

Pizza at The Plaza

We had pizza across the little Eloise shop because we were starving!


After checking out the Rockefeller Center for the 2nd time, we made our way to Serendipity. This place has been on my bucket list for YEARS because of the John Cusack & Kate Beckinsale movie. That’s another movie I watch every year during the holidays. Anyway, I have wanted to visit this place way before I even met or knew of Jeremiah’s existence, so I’m happy to say that I can finally cross this place off my list.
Luckily, Jeremiah put us on the wait list before we left the Rockefeller Center because the time it took getting there ate up a bunch of that waiting time. We stood around for maybe 10 minutes before we were seated. Maybe it’s also less time since we were only a party of two & everyone else we saw waiting had a party of 3 or more.
The inside is full of beautiful stained glass lamps 😍
The menu is like half of my body πŸ˜‚
We got the famous “frozen hot chocolate” & it didn’t disappoint. I’d say it’s something that you should share because it’s extremely sweet. I couldn’t see myself finishing it on my own.

Totto Ramen

After having dessert first, we had dinner at Totto Ramen. This place was one of the suggestions I’ve seen on Instagram for visiting New York. I didn’t really have high hopes though prior to eating here. I thought, “How much better can ramen get?” & all I can say is, BETTER. I wasn’t really a fan of the meat, but man, that broth was GOOD.

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