New York (Day 2)

New York (Day 2)

Our second day in New York started later than we planned. We hadn’t gotten much sleep over the past couple of days, so we ended up oversleeping πŸ™ƒ But we were still able to do the things we wanted to do! We grabbed breakfast which you can see on my New York Eats post here.

Grand Central Station

This place was low priority on the list of places I wanted to check out, but since it was near where we were staying & the fact that we had to use this station to get to places, we decided to see what all the fuss was about!
Nothing special happened if that’s what you’re wondering. There was no flash mob, no proposals, etc. like you’d see in the movies.

I take public transportation back at home all the time, so I felt pretty comfortable being within the hustle & bustle of New York.

I do have to say that the ceiling was pretty dreamy. They also have little shops inside of the terminal!


Here’s a tired looking Jeremiah (but I woke up earlier than him to get ready πŸ˜…)

After the Grand Central Station, we headed towards The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

On the way to the Met

I always thought there was something beautiful & dreamy about the way New York looked in the rain & snow. I was really hoping to experience snow in New York, but Jeremiah said I would’ve hated it & we probably wouldn’t have been able to do half the things we wanted if it snowed.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

For YEARS,I have expressed to Jeremiah that I wanted to go to this museum & we finally went! I told him I wish I had gone here before Europe because nothing beats seeing The Louvre or Musee d’Orsay & he said, “OKAY, it’s still a nice museum though” πŸ˜‚
I couldn’t sit on the steps because it was raining!
Their souvenir shop at the left of the entrance is small, but there’s an even bigger one on the right side of the entrance.
They have a little cafe if you want to take a break. We were so exhausted that we had to grab another coffee here.

We unfortunately weren’t able to spend as much time here as I hoped, but if there was any room I wanted to spend as much time in as possible, it was this one. This floor was all the way at the top, so it took us a while to get up here πŸ˜‚

Seeing paintings of places I’ve been to 😭
This room was the one Jeremiah was most interested in. He finds the mummies fascinating, but I think he also likes it because of the movie.
This looks like the place in the movie Ocean’s Eight when the necklace dropped in the water, right?

Jeremiah got me this book πŸ₯°

On the way to Shopping!

We took public transportation the whole day & it was fine! We had Metro Cards here, but it made me feel like a local or that I was at home because I take public transportation with a clipper card in the Bay Area. 

On our walk to the stores, we saw this church that Jeremiah said looked like the one in the Seth Rogan movie The Night Before. We’re not actually sure if it’s the one in the movie, but it looked like it!

Jeremiah really wanted to go to the Nike store, so we went, but it was a little underwhelming.

We also went to the NBA store & it carried a ton of jerseys.

We also went into those little souvenir shops that say “I love New York” πŸ˜‚ Look at this cute little ornament.

After a ton of walking around, we finally got dinner!

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