The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker

I was worried that Jeremiah & I wouldn’t be able to do this tradition. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times that this is my favorite holiday tradition. We normally go to the one in San Jose, but they didn’t have as many time slots as they did last year, so we went to the one in SF.
I’m not sure if we plan to always go here from now on, but I did think it looked so much more fancy than the venue in San Jose.
We actually ran into an unfortunate incident when we arrived. We didn’t open our tickets prior to getting there, but when we were trying to get scanned in, we were told the tickets were for the 2:30 PM time slot. Jeremiah bought the 7 PM time slot, so they must’ve just mailed us the wrong tickets. Before we could pull it up on our email, this kind woman behind us in line named (Susie/Suzy?) overheard our situation & said, “We have two extra tickets! You guys can have them! They’re BOX seats, so we’ll see you.” We were so grateful that it all worked out.
We didn’t understand what she meant when she said “box seats” until we went to sit down. They bought out the whole box. Jeremiah & I were definitely surprised, but also felt out of place because we had never experienced sitting in these kinds of seats.
Thank you again to the kind woman who gave us her extra tickets to sit with her & her family 😭
The gift shops were also filled with cute souvenirs!

We bought another Nutcracker ornament for our tree. They had all these cute ornaments, but Jeremiah said we shouldn’t get them because we didn’t have a big tree to put them on. Maybe in a couple of years!

They also had these little cardboard cutouts for photos. I wish I brought my camera, but I wasn’t sure if it was allowed! Sorry, all of these are just iphone photos πŸ˜”

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