Union Square during the Holidays x The Fairmont Gingerbread House x Winter Walk

Union Square during the Holidays

Every year, Jeremiah & I go to Union Square during the holidays to take a photo with the big tree. For the past 2 years, we always say we’re going to try ice skating there, but every time we went the tickets were sold out for the day. Fortunately, this was finally our year!

Union Square Christmas Tree

The first thing we did, of course, was take a photo with the tree 🎄
He got so many compliments on his sweater this day.
The ice skating rink sells tickets online, but you can also check in person if there are open time slots available.
We spent most of the time walking around the stores & Christmas shopping.

The Fairmont’s Gingerbread House

We also walked all the way to The Fairmont to check out their gingerbread house. I included this activity in a blog post last year as one of the holiday things to see & do in the Bay Area. This was our first time seeing it. You can have tea & snacks next to the gingerbread house, which is what I wanted to do, but it was pricey & we also didn’t make reservations.

Winter Walk

We also checked out the Winter Walk. They definitely improved from last year. The last time we went, there weren’t many food trucks, seating, or activities. This year they had a few more food trucks & things to do. I still think there could be room for improvement. The place has potential.

Union Square’s Ice Skating Rink

Once we got through all the walking around, our time slot for ice skating finally came around & it didn’t turn out so well for Jeremiah 😔 Jeremiah couldn’t do it & he was so frustrated about it because he couldn’t get the balancing. I was able to ice skate by myself. I’m not sure if it’s because I know how to roller blade. Maybe that makes it easier? At least he’s better at snowboarding than me 🏂

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